Digestive Enzymes

by Maria Garza
(San Antonio Texas)

I'm 49 and going through Peri-menopausal symptoms and one of them is severe heartburn and digestive upset. My hormones are not balanced so I've noticed my stomach doesn't feel right. What Digestive Enzymes would benefit me?

Also my oldest daughter who is 23 yrs old is lactose and fructose intolerant and she always has so much gas build up that cause her stomach pains after she eats. What Digestive enzymes would benefit her?

Maria Garza

Sue-Anne's Reply:

Hi Maria,

Severe heartburn and digestive upset are not symptoms of peri-menopause. The first thing I would ask is when do you feel these symptoms? After breakfast? Usually the answer is no, as usually we eat a light breakfast. Exactly what kinds of foods cause you heart burn? Often this is heavy, fried or fatty foods, hydrogenated oils, anything that contains chemicals. Red meat. Do you eat things like this? Have you tried eliminating them from your diet? What is the result?

I'd rather see you eating healthy to eliminate the cause of the problem rather than trying to find digestive enzymes to cover up the symptoms.

Foods that help digestion: Papaya, pineapple, carrots, squash, alfalfa sprouts, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, ginger, mint, green vegetables, dandelion, bone broth.

Another main reason for digestive upsets is a liver that is congested. Many people have a congested liver due to too many fats or fried foods, exposure to too many chemicals in our food and environment, etc.

A simple detox could help alleviate your digestive and other peri-menopause symptoms. A consultation can help you with this. In the mean time, drinking hot water and fresh lemon juice every morning will help your liver.

For your daughter, I assume she is avoiding All dairy, cheese, yogurt, etc and fructose? Same thing applies to her and also to ensure she is eating in a very calm relaxed state and chewing her food very well.

Excessive gas is sometimes caused by candida, you can read more about that on my site

Are you both eating plenty of raw vegetables? 5+ per day? Especially celery and sprouts? These are naturally high in digestive enzymes so you need to include a lot of them in your diet, before meals is best. Big salads with home made dressing with good quality extra virgin olive oil and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar

It's also important to determine if you or your daughter have difficulty digesting protein or fat or other food. How do you feel after eating each these foods? There are different enzymes are for different foods. Plant based digestive enzymes might be a good place to start, or an enzyme that doesn't contain any hydrochloric acid in case your or your daughter's stomach is already producing enough or too much hydrochloric acid.

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