Do I have parasites?

by Anthony

Ever since I returned from Mexico about a year ago I have had the following symptoms;
After I eat even a large meal I'm still hungry about 10 minutes after and have pains in my stomach.
I wake up multiple times per night, horrible gas that is foul smelling and I always have bad breath, bloating. I get hives and have very dry skin (my cheeks are so dry that they are constantly red.)

I have anxiety and I get nervous. I'm always tired and feel like I am never rested. I have diarrhea a lot and I have noticed mucus in my stools. I also have excessive saliva at all times and abdominal pains. I know it's a lot but I have these symptoms everyday and I have no clue why.

I've been to the doctor but he has no clue. I am not over-weight and haven't been diagnosed with any health issues. I am not hypochondriac but I have been researching parasites and it explains a lot of my symptoms especially since it happened after a vacation in Mexico. It has really interfered with my daily life and I really would like to know a way to get me back to normal.
Thank you

Sue-Anne's Reply:

Yes, you certainly have almost all of the symptoms of parasites, which are really not uncommon, especially after a vacation in Mexico. You can be pretty certain you have them. Other symptoms can be itchiness around the rectum or on the ears or nose.

Parasites are cyclical, so a few treatments are often necessary in order to eliminate them completely. It is best to start your treatment on the full moon.

I order most of my supplements for myself and my clients online from Nature's Sunshine in Ontario (or U.S). I did a lot of research into many different supplement companies and found Nature's Sunshine to have the highest quality, integrity, and very reasonably priced products. I am guaranteed results for myself and my clients.

They also go the extra mile by adding extra, beneficial minerals and ingredients into their products to increase the bio-availability and potency of the calcium or whatever vitamin or supplement they are selling. If you would like to order from them let me know and I will explain how you can get 20% off the retail price.

You will need 2 or 3 boxes of their Para Pak, a 10 day parasite cleanse program. You take this for 10 days, take a 10 day break and take the 2nd box. Take High potency garlic for 3 months, 2 capsules per day, 1 with breakfast, 1 with dinner. Black walnut extract is also very effective to rid the body of parasites. Take 40 drops once per day, at the same time as the Para Pak, taking a break for 10 days in between.

You may also want to do some colonic cleansing.

For the next 3 months, get plenty of fresh air and regular exercise and eat a healthy diet, with lots of fresh vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, good quality protein. Avoid refined or processed foods, white sugar, flour and alcohol. If you have a juicer, fresh vegetable juices are excellent.

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