Optimal Health Offer

Optimal health offer

My Optimal Health Offer will skyrocket you on your way to increasing energy, losing weight, healing what ails you and feeling amazing!

INSTANT digital access to my Natural Ways to Lose Weight Ebook, worth $19.95

Bonuses  - Access to my 4 Webinars -

  1. 6 Secrets to Boost Energy and Improve Health
  2. Easy Weight Loss with Your Personalized Body Type Plan
  3. Stop the Clock! Natural Ways to Stay Young
  4. Sail Through PMS and Menopause Naturally

Plus a Free 30-Minute Coaching Session with me!


1. 6 Secrets to Boost Energy and Improve Health

No Energy? Discover 6 hidden causes of fatigue and what to do about them.

2.  Easy Weight Loss with Your Personalized Body Type Plan

Stop depriving yourself! One size fits all Never works for dieting! If you want to have fewer cravings, more energy and learn exactly how a personalized healthy eating weight loss plan works better than any diet, this Webinar will be extremely valuable to you.

3. Stop the Clock! Natural Ways to Stay Young

You’ll discover how to stay young with a beautiful healthy glow
You will learn:
    Some not so common tips to feel younger than your years.
    Which hormone is the age inducing hormone and how to keep it balanced.
    Easy and enjoyable things you can do to reverse the aging process.

A complete anti-aging program to make you feel better and look younger and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

4. Sail Through PMS and Menopause Naturally

There is no reason to suffer! And make those around you suffer
Learn about the 4 Types of PMS and how to help each one
Discover which foods nourish the reproductive system and balance hormones.
How to alleviate symptoms with some simple vitamins and supplements. 

Webinar Testimonials

“The presentation was excellent.  To the point and in language that all can understand.”
Elaine Brotherston

“Congratulations on an impeccable presentation. I thoroughly appreciated your suggestions, I will start implementing your suggestions, it will help me tremendously."
Julie Duschenes

“ I really enjoyed the webinar this evening and thought you did a great job passing along the information and sharing your enthusiasm.”
Camille Beaulieu

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Your optimal Health offer, includes a 30 minute coaching session with me!

What does a consultation with a Naturopath entail?

As a Naturopath, my main concern is finding and then treating the root cause of your ailments.

Unlike traditional medicine which may only find ways to treat and cover up the symptoms, it is my belief that by focusing on cause, symptoms are alleviated and long term healing is achieved.

We determine a  personalized, plan that is tailored to your:

  • Needs
  • Lifestyle
  • Objectives
  • Food preferences
  • Time restraints 

Take advantage of this offer now!

I don't know how long it will be available!

Only $47

12 Month Guarantee:

I am 100% confident that by determining and following your plan you will achieve all the results I have outlined here. Most only offer 30 day money back guarantees. I am offering a full year, so your decision to buy the book, get the 4 webinars and 30 minute consultation with me is totally risk free. You can buy the package, try it out for yourself and if you are not happy with the book let me know for a full refund. No questions asked.

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