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Natural Health, Issue #027 -- My Conference About Acidity
February 17, 2013

Have you tested your pH today? Acidity, what it is
and what to do about it.

Louis Pasteur stated on his death bed, ‘‘it’s not the germ, it’s the inner terrain.’’ This was the man noted for his germ theory, the father of pasteurization.

He realized, albeit too late, that when your inner terrain is healthy, the germ or disease can not survive. By balancing your pH, you can achieve optimal health and avoid disease, inflammation, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer and more.

My own acidity

When I began studying to be a Naturopath I learned all about pH balance and acidity and I found it fascinating!

I tested my own pH and discovered my body was very acidic. At the time I had had eczema on my hands for about 20 years, my complexion was as white as a ghost, my energy was up and down, crashing in the afternoon and I certainly wasn’t as strong and healthy as I am now.

I made changes to my diet, learned how to better manage my stress and I put into practice everything I learned about reducing acidity. I started feeling so much better. My eczema disappeared never to return, my energy and strength increased tremendously, and my cheeks took on a permanent, healthy, rosy glow.

What happens when the body is overly acidic?

When the body is overly acidic it tries to balance pH by leeching calcium from the bones, magnesium from the muscles, potassium from the nerves and sodium from the joints and digestive system.

This leaves the body depleted of essential minerals and in a disease prone state. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment!

Mark the Date

Monday February 25th 7 PM,
Clinique Psy Santé
3943 St. Jean Blvd 2nd floor
Dollard des Ormeaux H9G 1X2
Space is limited, please reserve your place in advance

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To your natural health!

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