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How to increase energy? That's a question I get all the time from my clients! Almost every one of them tells me "I want more energy and I want to lose weight."

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How to Increase Energy Free Ebook

Do you ever wake up tired and find you can’t really get going until you have your coffee? Do you sometimes find yourself crashing after lunch or mid afternoon?

How would you like to have full out energy all day every day, without the need for coffee or sweets to spike your energy up? I’m here to tell you about some hidden causes of fatigue that you probably don’t know about, and what to do about them so that you can learn how to increase energy.

Hi, I'm Sue-Anne and I am a naturopath. Healthy eating and natural health has been my passion for over 28 years.  I never drank coffee, rarely eat sugar,  and I usually have high energy all day, every day.

But it wasn’t always that way. I used to have up and own energy, I would crash before or after lunch and I would yawn non stop mid afternoon for half an hour! I was eating all day long to try to keep my energy up. When I started taking my classes to be a naturopath I learned so much and everything changed!

Now I have tons of energy to enjoy all my favorite passions, such as riding my bike 40 to 50 miles or so, hiking and skiing in the winter. 

I'd love to share a few hidden causes of fatigue that are often completely overlooked and tell you how to alleviate them!


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Of course some of the more obvious causes of fatigue are:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor diet
  • Depression and
  • Dehydration

All of those can definitely cause fatigue. Dehydration is often one cause that many people overlook, drinking enough water is key to energy and optimal health that so many people struggle with.

Let’s look at some hidden causes that you might not think or know about.

#1. How to Increase Energy? Help your sluggish liver 

Pic of lemons to help the liver, a tip in the How to increase energy free ebook

The liver is the largest organ. It performs over 400 tasks!

It works by eliminating toxins from the body. It also producing hormones, cholesterol and bile to break down and digest fat. It’s easy to see that the liver is often overworked and many people have a liver that is congested.

Even myself! When I went to the osteo she was moving me around and I felt something and I asked her what it was and she told me I have a sluggish liver. What? Even if I eat really healthy most of the time? Yes. How could that be?

We are exposed to hundreds of chemicals every day. 

  • Air pollution we breathe.
  • Pesticides and herbicides on our fruits and vegetables.
  • Some people still use cleaning products or skin care products with chemicals!  If that's you, that is a simple change you can make today!
  • In medication, even Tylenol or advil.
  • In packaged foods,
  • In flame retardants on materials,
  • The list goes on...

It is the liver’s job to process all of these chemicals and eliminate them from the body. Just like you, when the liver has been overworked for such a long period of time it will have a hard time keeping up, it will get tired and not function up to par, leaving you tired. If you need to learn how to increase energy here's a simple trick! 

Have a cup of warm water with ½ lemon every morning, the liver loves that as it helps the liver eliminate toxins.  Finally if your liver really needs some help, some simple supplements can be so beneficial to gently detox the liver. 


#2. How to Increase Energy?  Help your hypoglycemia 

Hypoglycemia occurs when blood sugar drops too low.

How to determine if you have hypoglycemia?

How do you feel if a meal is delayed?

If you have a few of these symptoms:

  • Shaky
  • Dizzy
  • Weak
  • Trembling
  • You get a headache
  • Have a hard time concentrating 
  • Feel irritated and

if you are generally often tired, you could have hypoglycemia.

Many people are unaware that they have hypoglycemia as they are constantly spiking their blood sugar up. They start with a coffee in the morning, spiking themselves up and then a little later they’ll have some cereal or bread with jam, up and down, at work a 2nd coffee or perhaps a muffin or Danish as they’re still hungry. Lunch might be some refined carbs, bread or pasta and the cycle continues all day.

If you have hypoglycemia you need to do two things which will also help you learn how to increase energy:

  1. Increase protein, especially at breakfast and….
  2. Decrease sugar and all refined carbs. 

Never delay a meal and make sure you have a high protein snack before your blood sugar crashes.

Hypoglycemia is serious and can be the precursor for diabetes, so you need to make changes!

Pic of sugar to show how helping hypoglycemia is a tip in the How to increase energy free ebook

# 3. How to Increase Energy? Boost your adrenal glands

The adrenal glands are 2 small glands that sit on top of the kidneys. You’ve heard of adrenaline, the adrenal glands help us during stress, they help us in our fight or flight response by secreting cortisol so we are ready to run. How to increase energy? Make sure you help these glands!

When we’re constantly under stress as many of us are these days, the adrenals are constantly secreting cortisol and eventually they get weak causing fatigue. If this continues over time we have what is known as burn out, when a person reaches that point they usually have to take time off work and get plenty of rest. Some people are even unable to get out of bed.

Pic of a frayed rope, about stress management, a tip in the How to increase energy free ebook

 How to help out your adrenals? Learn how to better manage stress!

It’s not the stress that’s the problem it’s the way you handle it.

  • Deep abdominal breathing
  • Yoga
  • meditation
  • Exercise
  • Listening to relaxing music
  • Going for a walk
  • Reading
  • Essential oils
  • Using mindfulness to be able to respond to the stress rather than react.

The adrenal glands also need protein and B vitamins, so taking a complex B vitamin can help. A very good quality complex B vitamin is very calming.

And the Adrenal glands love vitamin C so make sure you're getting enough fruits or supplement with vitamin C. 

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