What is my Body Type?
The Body Type Diet

Have you been wondering, what is my body type?

You are way ahead of the game because you've realized that there are different body types and when you eat right for your body type everything changes!! 

the 4 body types for women
  • Have you been struggling forever to lose the last 10- 20+ pounds?
  • Do you find it so hard to stop the late night snacking? 
  • Are you always hungry? 
  • You've tried exercising and still the weight stays on? 

I get it!

I'm Sue-Anne Hickey, naturopath and creator of Bodytypology and I've helped hundreds of clients lose weight.

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Answer the question, What is my  body type?  And...
Find out which gland is running your weight gain!

The diets you’ve been trying aren’t designed for your specific body type!

That's why you've tried countless diets before and they've never worked. 

One diet does not fit all!

  • Everyone has a different metabolism
  • different cravings
  • different energy levels
  • gains weight in different places

        And everyone needs....

                     their own plan according to their body type

What happens when you start eating right for your body type?

You'll be balancing your glands and body from the inside out.

Nourishing your body with the right food at the right time for your specific body type and metabolism. 

Say you're kind of slow in the morning, takes a while to get going, that could indicate that your metabolism is also slow in the morning and a small light breakfast could be perfect for you. Chances are you're not that hungry in the morning anyway.

Medium to light lunch, and dinner is the main meal of the day when your metabolism is highest, as that is when you're going to burn it off most easily. 

If you're someone who jumps out of bed with tons of energy first thing in the morning, that could indicate that you need more protein and a bigger breakfast than someone else.

Your body type indicates what foods to eat more of and which to avoid, the best exercises for your type, most beneficial vitamins and supplements, because you're as unique as your fingerprint and your healthy eatng plan should be as well. 

You will: 

  • Have fewer cravings
  • Have more energy
  • Feel less hungry
  • Feel more balanced and better over all 
  • Experience weight loss where you most want to

I wake up every day with tons of energy and I go non-stop all day long, enjoying life to the fullest with high energy that lasts without any need for coffee or sugar to spike me up. 

That definitely wasn't always the case, but everything changed when I started eating right for my body type. 

Even if you don't need to lose weight, eating right for your body type completely transforms your health! 

Pic of woman attaining weight loss success

You can have boundless energy too! As soon as you figure out the answer to the question, "What is my body type?" 

You can lose the weight you want to and feel satisfied and balanced while you do so, without depriving yourself.

So not only do you need an answer to the question, "What is my body type!?"

You also need your personalized plan! 

If you are a woman you may have a pear shaped body, if you tend to gain weight around the lower body. This is known as the Gonad body type, which has to do with the ovaries. 

On the other hand, men or women who have a strong upper body, large chest, are usually an  Adrenal Type ( aka Apple shaped). The Thyroid Type  gains weight around the middle like a spare tire.

And there is the Pituitary Type, when overweight, they have baby fat all over the body. (but this type is rare)

 Your body type is determined by your dominant gland.

One misconception that many people have is if there's something wrong with one of their glands, they think that they must be that type, this is not how it works. You can have hypothyroidism and be any of the four body types.

4 Body types:

a scale with the word yes on it, what happens when you answer the question, what is my body type

      ● Adrenal body type

      ● Thyroid body type

      ● Pituitary body type

      ● Gonad body type or pear body type (Women only) 

For each type, the gland in question, adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, or gonad, (ovaries for women,) is overworking. The other glands are weaker and are trying to catch up.

As long as there is this glandular imbalance, long term weight loss will be very difficult, if not impossible.

When you eat the right food at the right time for your body type, you nourish the weaker glands and allow the dominant gland to rest.

*When you give your body the right amount and right kinds of food at the right time you feel satisfied. 

  • Everything changes
  • Your energy
  • Your mood
  • your weight
  • your shape
  • your cravings are reduced or eliminated
  • your stamina
  • your strength
  • you easily lose weight where you most want to

What about the endomorph body type, mesomorph body type and ectomorph body type? These only give part of the picture. They show whether the body is slim or overweight but they don't provide specific diets to balance each type.

To answer your question, what is my body type? I can help!

Ready for change? 

About Sue Anne

Hi, my name is Sue-Anne, I'm a naturopath and since 2006 I've been helping women easily drop the pound they want to buy eating right for their body tight.

 I used to be much weaker, had up and down energy all day with my energy crashing in the afternoon. I was hypoglycemic, constantly craving sweets, my body was overly acidic and I had eczema on my hands for over 20 years.

All that changed when I started following my plan for my body type.

The results were amazing! 

I healed myself completely and my strength and energy increased like never before. When I showed my clients how to follow their plan by eating right for their type, and overcoming emotional triggers, they had similar results. 

They healed their ailments and easily lost the weight they had been struggling to lose for so long. I'd love to show you how to have similar results. 

Now, my main mission in my business is to empower women to succeed and thrive.

To help them take back their power, replace the negative self talk with positive self praise and know that they are worthy of success in every area of their life.

Are you Ready? 

My customized Accelerator program will completely transform this area of your life, as it has for so many others.

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