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Hi, I'm Sue-Anne Hickey, creator of Bodytypology, and as a  certified naturopath I've helped hundreds of clients regain their health, increase energy and lose weight naturally in the process. 

Here are just a few amazing results that my clients have achieved with my help.


"I'm so impressed with Sue-Anne’s program, I changed my nutrition, I have more energy, feel better, my headaches are gone and I shed 36 pounds! I'm happier and less frustrated.

The thing that makes this program exceptional, is Sue-Anne’s patient and encouraging way in walking you through the changes. I highly recommend her as an expert."   

Lesia Prystupa

Lesia lost 36 pounds

Paula from Ohio, down 30 pounds so far...

"I’m nourishing my body now, I lost 30 pounds. I feel so much better. Sue-Anne makes it simple and easy to understand.

There’s no counting points or calories. I’ve reduced my diabetic and Blood pressure medications.

This program has saved my life." 

Paula K. 

"Sue-Anne nailed it right away. My body type, my personality, my challenges, etc. Not only did I reach my weight loss goal I had for 9 years, I lost 25 pounds and maintained it for over a year, as well as the dangerous belly fat. 

My energy level is so much better and I get through my days without that mid day slump.

I can't thank Sue-Anne enough for her constant support and for being the cheer leader I needed."

Cyndy King

West Island Naturopath

Lori lost 28 pounds in the 12 week group! "I found the group fun, positive and supportive. I am eating healthier, trying new foods, exercising and I am more positive. I learned that I can do it, I can make the change."

"I started seeing Sue-Anne due to my sugar addiction. I am on the last week of my journey and I have zero cravings for sugar! She  helped me understand how food is connected to my emotions. I learned to spot my emotional cravings and am down 27 pounds from when I started and my boyfriend is down 22 pounds.

She has changed my life!! Don't wait!!"

Jessica Poirier

West Island Naturopath

"Sue-Anne stood out from anyone else I had consulted about nutrition in the past.

She took the time to explain everything to me, lifestyle management, mindset, and so much more. I lost 20 pounds." 

Richard V.

Eating according to my body type is great! I went from feeling hungry twice daily to not at all. I'm not craving salt as much anymore.

I don't overeat - even when it's delicious - I actually have no interest in getting the OVERSTUFFED feeling.   
Marie-France L.

"I lost 30 pounds in 6 months! I no longer feel like taking a nap in the afternoon. I no longer experience inflammation, it's really amazing."

Cinzia C.

"I went to my family doctor yesterday for my check up. He is so happy with my health. Blood pressure is so perfect it scared him. I lost 35.5 lbs since my last weigh in at his office."

Karin H.

"Sue-Anne helped me enormously, my acid reflux and bloating are gone and I sleep better. 

She has a great, holistic approach, healing your body and soul at the same time, enabling you to find out the real reason as to why you overeat and have issues with weight."

Tanya Z.

"Sue-Anne helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I lost 14 lbs in 10 weeks! Best of all, I don't feel hungry all the time, I sleep better, and I have more energy.

Sue-Anne is a great coach! Her enthusiastic, positive attitude and gentle encouragement made it easy to make the changes." 

Chantal S.

"I came to Sue Anne desperately looking for a weight loss program that worked. I had tried all the latest fad diets So far, I lost 18lbs in 13 weeks! 

This was an amazing experience. I am so much happier and in turn so is my family, particularly my husband, who says "a happy wife is a happy life".


I have no more digestion issues (at all!), I sleep 8+ hours every night, I have hardly any pain in my joints and I lost 12 pounds! 

Eating for My body type changed my life! It is simple, easy to follow and it works!

She is professional, non-judgmental, has excellent listening skills and an amazing sense of humour!  


 "I never thought it was possible!  I have struggled with an extra 15-20 pounds for many years. 

After a few weeks, the pounds just started to come off and I didn’t have the feeling that I was always hungry anymore. I lost 15.5 pounds in the 12 week program! My husband said to me the other day “Who are you and what have you done with my wife”!!  I feel like a whole new person."


"I lost 20 pounds in 10 weeks and have kept it off ever since! Sue-Anne helped me see that I sometimes wasn't taking as good care of myself as I did of others (even my pets!)

I never had the courage to ask for the time off before. Sue-Anne helped me realize this was an untapped resource for me to recharge my batteries periodically if necessary.

Her non-judgemental and humorous support cheerleads us on to change our lives!" 

Katherine P.

"I lost 10 pounds over Christmas and a 2 week trip to France! I feel more in control of food and food choices, versus it controlling me.  

You changed my life.  I am so less stressed.  Instead of letting things control me, I am not reacting in the same frazzled way.  I am more calm, reflective and appreciative. 

It has been a life-changer for me." 

Debbie D.

Sue-Anne’s 12 week program was transformative to say the least. Not only did I lose an incredible 19 pounds and 10 inches, she helped me to completely eliminate my emotional eating.

The entire process felt natural and was effortless. I wish I had learned how to eat this way decades ago! Her positivity, individualized attention and incredible support were instrumental to my success!

Claudia H. 

"I was diagnosed with high blood pressure 2 years ago.  Sue-Anne took an holistic approach to find the underlying cause of my high blood pressure. Suggestions included dietary changes and suggestions to reduce stress. 

I do not need to take any medication and my cardiologist is quite impressed with my numbers, 
Judith Kolomeir

I lost 11 lbs! Nothing has ever worked so well and has kept me satisfied before or has felt so natural. Sue-Anne is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

She helped me discover the root of my 10 year chronic cough (something that every type of doctor under the sun wasn't able to solve for me). Who would have thought a cough could be caused by wheat?!!

Lisa M.

''Ten weeks later, 15 pounds have melted away. By making the small subtle changes you suggested, the weight has come off effortlessly, I no longer have food cravings, I love eating well and I feel absolutely amazing.

Thanks for helping me change my life Sue Anne!''


"Sue-Anne, just want to say that I finally got on track with your ebook about losing weight now down 18 lbs ...and feel great 

Judy Bizier

"While the doctor couldn’t figure out what was causing the digestive issues I had been suffering with for 3 years, Sue-Anne did.

She suggested going gluten free and within 3 days the bloating, upset stomach, and all symptoms had greatly decreased. I feel great and I can’t stop raving about it to all my friends and family."
Diana G.

Sue-Anne gave me the information and resources I needed to help me to help my myself. I lost 8 pounds, I am eating healthier, more protein, more fiber, I am more regular. I love her relaxation CD, I am getting out more and taking time for me. I am in a much better place.

Beverly S. (75 yrs young :) )

"Just thought I would share with you that I just got back from my yearly check up and happy to report that my doctor was quite impressed with the change in my numbers all around ...EVERYTHING is way way down ...BIG improvement ...Thanks so much for steering me on the right path!"


"My hot flashes were unbearable. My sheets would be soaking wet every single time I slept, whether at night or even during an afternoon nap, they happened all the time. 

 Sue-Anne recommended that I do a simple cleanse with a product that would help my liver. I started taking it and my hot flashes disappeared! After 13 years, no more hot flashes! 

 Mireille Kulisz

I consulted with Sue-Anne for frequent headaches, occasional migraines, and chronic fatigue during the day. 

She suggested I consume far more protein than I was at the time and drink more water throughout the day as well. Several months have passed with this easy change and I can't remember the last time I had a headache! The fatigue has subsided as well and I feel much more sustained energy. 

Christina Koufoudakis

"I  lost 15 pounds and I feel WAY MORE energetic and happy! More important, I can see positive changes in my overall health, at 55 I had developed high blood pressure. 

 I just came back from a two-week business trip, eating in restaurants 3 times a day and I lost two more pounds!  

When I eat I feel satisfied and I don't feel frustrated at all. I am not counting anything, I just live my life, happily. My sugar blood level is decreasing.  My energy level is much higher and consistent through the days.   

 I got so much more out of this experience than I expected.  I understood the ‘why’ behind some of my bad habits. Having "Ah ha! Moments" during the program has been instrumental for me!

  Meeting Sue-Anne has been a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE for me!"  

 Alain Legault

"When I first started dieting in December, I was at 207 pounds. I decided the best thing for me to do was just keep track of calories, but eat whatever I wanted to ensure I was getting exposure to enough nutrients. I started counting calories and dropped down to 191 before the end of December. Even though I dropped the weight quickly, I still felt miserable, low energy, mood swings, and imbalanced body functions. I eventually stopped losing weight and began to gain the weight back weighing in at 204. I felt that losing the weight would be almost impossible at this point.

My luck changed when I contacted Sue-Anne.  I decided to follow her diet plan that fit my body type.

I eat actual portion sizes and no longer count calories. It has been two months and I feel great. No more mood swings, low levels of energy, and most of all my body functions properly. The first week on the diet my body literally cleansed itself of all the bad material. The next few weeks after that I lost three to four pounds a week, till now I am losing one to two pounds a week. From the starting point of the plan, I have gone from 204 to 182. My waist went from 45 inches to 38 inches. My hips went from 51 inches to 47 inches. My thighs went from 26 inches to 23 inches, and my bust went from 48 inches to 43 inches. I feel so great, and I will continue to stay on the eating diet."
Magen Boyd

"I used to have eczema and when I went to see Sue-Anne, she gave me some creams and vitamins, that fixed most of my ezcema. Before my skin was open and after that it closed my skin.
I do not trust the creams you get from the other doctors because it hurts and burns my skin, it does not cure my skin, it made it worse.
If you do not want to see my naturopath at the beginning, I will give you her best advice: lower your sugar because its bad for the ezcema."

Alex Ruiz Zeledon - 10 years old

"On or about March 4th I was diagnosed with shingles. The itchy, burning sensation I dealt with was agonizing.

I decided to opt out of the pharmaceuticals that were prescribed to me; the side effects included (but were not limited to) mood changes, agitation, hallucinations, yellowing eyes/skin, easy bruising/bleeding, headache, nausea, and diarrhea.

I was very grateful for the help that Sue-Anne Hickey was able to provide me on such short notice. She recommended and was able to set me up with two herbal supplements as well as a chlorophyll liquid.
Within 36 hours of starting the prescribed daily amount of supplements, I noticed a huge improvement. The pain was nowhere near as severe as it was and the blisters started to scab over and not itch as much.

The symptoms were completely gone within 5-6 days and I was completely healed within 2 1/2 weeks as that was the amount of time it took for the scabs to subside.

Without the help of Sue-Anne and her recommendations, my ordeal would have been much worse. My only regret was not contacting her 24 hours earlier.

Thanks again Sue-Anne,"
Guy Walker

“I badly needed to lose 60-70 pounds to be able to successfully participate in a cycling endurance event next August. I lost 24 pounds and went from wearing size 44 waist pants to squeezing into size 40. 

“It has now been six months. I have lost 30 pounds and I both feel and look (based on the comments I have been receiving) better. I have continued to stick with my food plan and have even developed a taste for the whole grains and fruits and vegetables she recommended. I am now due for a wardrobe change as all my clothes are swimming on me especially my belts where I have been required to keep punching new holes every couple of weeks.”
Mark Schacter

Sue-Anne helped me take my health into my own hands. She figured out the cause of my health issues and found the solutions. I made gradual changes to my eating habits and some of my lifestyle habits and cured myself completely. I lost 15 pounds in the process, although that was not even what I had originally intended to do!

Today I feel great, my energy has increased and I feel even better than before I started experiencing health issues. I know what to do to avoid falling back into the same pattern.
Sophie M.

"Sue-Anne is a wonderful Naturopath who certainly LOVES to help people!   She will make sure that she provides the proper diet & supplements that will surely help you!  Other than being very experienced & very knowledgeable at Naturopathy, she’s also a very friendly & warm hearted person.  So it's a real pleasure getting consultations from her.  I feel very lucky to have found her! 

As for my situation, I was a very special case in which I had trouble taking supplements and I couldn’t even handle a lot of healthy foods such as raw vegetables (my liver and colitis would always inflame). 

Sue-Anne carefully assessed my situation and my health history, and sure enough, she was able to figure out specific ways to get me to tolerate more vegetables again.  I am also able to tolerate the supplement that she recommended, which is even healing my liver issue! 

I am certainly on my road to a bright and very healthy future thanks to Sue-Anne!  Again, I feel very lucky to have found her : )"
Charles from Pierrefonds

"I finally got fed up with the extra weight I was carrying. It was not good for my health. During our consultation, Sue-Anne developed a personalized plan of healthy food and healthy eating habits. It was easy to follow and fit into my lifestyle.

I have lost 15 lbs so far and even better I have been able to get into pants two sizes smaller. She taught me to choose proper healthy foods and I was never hungry during the day.

I feel a great deal better, lighter and younger and have a lot more energy. Sue-Anne did a great job for me."
Steve A.

"I found Sue-Ann's e-book an accessible way to improve my health and my energy level. I was already eating in a healthy and balanced manner but discovering my body type made me identify wheat as a non-recommended carb for my type. Since I've replaced wheat with other goods carbs like kamut or spelt, I am feeling better, less bloated and my energy level has increased! Thank you for the insightful information Sue-Anne!"
Annie Voyer

"I've known Sue-Anne for at least 12 years. She is very professional, committed and dedicated to everything she does. She talks the talk and walks the walk. I had great results on other health issues with Sue-Anne, looking forward to even more with her new ebook. Thank you Sue-Anne for being who you are."
Edi De Pretto

"I started using the adrenal type diet plan to combat acidic body and acid reflux. After about 4 weeks, I found the acid reflux has drastically decreased and I am still functioning quite well. Surprisingly, I discovered that I lost my "love handles" and about 11 pounds at the same time."
Ken G.

"I consulted with Sue-Anne last fall as I was not feeling myself. I felt overly tired, sluggish and was finding it hard to lose the 10 pounds that had crept up on me over the past few years.

During the last eight months I have met with Sue-Anne several times and we adjusted my diet according to my body’s needs. Today, I am feeling more energized as a result of following Sue-Anne’s recommendations. I have lost weight and even some belly fat!

Sue-Anne is compassionate, knowledgeable and very generous with her time.  I especially appreciate her follow up emails inquiring if I have any questions or concerns. 

I highly recommend Sue-Anne to everyone who is looking to improve their health naturally."
Judy K.

Thank you for the wonderful experience and for your positive motivations during this group's weight loss session. I have lost 10 pounds and many inches off my body...a re-sculptured body!! You have shown me how to eat for my body type that actually works...Amazing work Sue-Anne. I thank you for helping me begin my journey to a healthy lifestyle! Much appreciated,

Gina C.

"It was wonderful to have you speak to the Running Room groups. I received a lot of positive feedback from both the walking and running groups. It was refreshing to have someone really put an emphasis on the importance of individuality. It’s something I focus on a lot in my clinic and I find myself sounding a bit like a parrot but eventually it will sink in!

I let my manager Alex know about the positive feedback so I’m sure he will spread the word to other instructors.
Thanks goes to you for coming to speak to us! Very much appreciated."

"I have had candida probably for decades. It presented as flu symptoms mostly around the sinuses. My energy was low and I was lethargic and depressed. I always felt like I had to preserve my energy and needed a lot of rest, I thought of myself as "sickly”. Also, following menopause I developed a middle aged gut which I could've get rid of no matter how I tried.

  I have recently completed the 3 month Candida cure and feel better than I have EVER felt in my whole life. I have energy , sleep deeply, lost that bothersome extra 10 lbs and have my flat stomach back. My sweet cravings are non-existent and eating according to my body type has changed my life. I highly recommend doing this cure. It is somewhat daunting but with helpful hints and support from Sue Anne you will be successful as well. I only wish I had been offered this cure almost 30 years ago when I started this journey. Thank you Sue Anne.”

 Linda B

"I often feel overwhelmed and anxious first thing in the morning, almost as if I'm not equipped to deal with what the day has in store for me.  These symptoms have all but disappeared since I began to regularly take a complex B supplement Sue-Anne recommended."

Kirsten S.

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