Beaconsfield Naturopath 

As a Beaconsfield Naturopath I Love helping my clients heal their ailments naturally and lose weight by eating right for their body type

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Beaconsfield Naturopath 

Hello! My name is Sue-Anne Hickey,

When I'm not helping clients, I am usually found munching on a homemade power bar to keep my energy balanced. My life changed when I discovered she was a Thyroid Type and needed more protein at breakfast and snacks to maintain her good energy throughout the day. 

 I began to understand eating for her body type after my yoga practice led her to learn more about naturopathy and nutrition. I couldn’t wait to use my knowledge to help others to become healthier and lose any excess weight. 

For over 26 years, healthy eating, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle has been a passion of mine! I've been teaching yoga since 1993 and in 2006 I decided to take my love of nutrition and healing to a whole new level and I became a certified naturopath.

I am as excited as my clients are when they achieve their health goals. I love being a cheerleader, (I even have pom poms!) We have fun while we work together. My goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to slowly implement changes over time that will then last a life time! 

I am the creator of Bodytypology, the body type system for lasting weight loss. Which is the best weight loss program in the universe, as it is personalized. One size fits all Never works!! I'm putting the finishing touches on my Bodytypology book, soon to be published!

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I'd Love to help you transform your health and Your life! Contact me or give me a call at 514-577-1963.

I'm perfectly bilingual so your consultation can be in French or in English.

I look forward to meeting you! 

I used to have my office at 482 Beaconsfield Blvd., 202, Beaconsfield, QC H9W 4C4. But since Covid I now work by Zoom! 

Interested in learning about Body Type weight loss? 

As a Beaconsfield Naturopath I am so happy serve you. I look forward to helping you heal your ailments naturally, increase your energy and feel better than ever!