Weight Gain Causes and
Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Weight gain causes are not always simple to determine. There are many hidden causes of weight gain. Perhaps by identifying a few, you will be easier for you to make the changes you need to to lose weight. 

1. High fructose corn syrup and foods containing it. HFCS does not raise glycemic levels, instead it is transformed immediately into triglycerides, a kind of fat. This is one of the biggest weight gain causes as so many are not aware how often they are ingesting it in all of the processed foods they eat. 

When you eat high fructose corn syrup there is no satiation level, meaning you never feel full so you will overeat or over drink (soft drinks, sugary specialty coffees etc.) 

2. Genetics play a small role in weight gain. It is more your own lifestyle choices that play a role in weight gain causes. Find the facts and correlation between genetics and weight loss. 

a pic of a stomach pain as a lack of friendly bacteria is one of the weight gain causes

3. A healthy amount of friendly bacteria in the intestine is important. When you have healthy intestinal flora balance, the body is able to absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients more easily. You are better nourished and you have fewer cravings. A poor diet can decrease the amount of friendly bacteria in the intestine. What destroys good bacteria? Antibiotics, poor nutrition, coffee, white vinegar, sugar, white flour, fried foods, etc.

Plain organic yogurt increases friendly bacteria, but not enough, simply take a high quality probiotic supplement.

Weight gain causes can often include a liver that needs a detox or cleanse

4. An overburdened liver needing a Liver Cleanse Fried foods, alcohol, chemicals, medication and other foods and substances that are hard on the liver. The liver plays a critical role in eliminating toxins and in maintaining blood sugar levels. It also produces bile to emulsify and aid in the digestion of fats. When the liver is toiling our metabolism becomes unbalanced and it is difficult for the cells to be able to burn fat one of the weight gain causes.

You can lose weight with detox. And all weight loss programs should include a detox at least twice per year.

a pic of a large portion of popcorn as portion control is one of the weight gain causes

5. Increased portion size. 

We are all aware of how portion size has increased for everything from popcorn to soft drinks and super sized meals, and this of course adds to our weight gain causes.

Lack of exercise is part of the picture of weight gain causes

a pic of walking as a sedentary lifestyle is one of the weight gain causes


6. Sedentary lifestyle

The best weight loss exercises include doing what you love most, because then you will stick to it. Great tips on getting started, putting together your plan, staying motivated as well as the best way to lose fat. 

7. Publicity has an effect on weight gain causes. Studies show that Diabetes Type 2 increases with the number of hours spent in front of the TV. All the adds for food increase eating. Many ads target children, who then ask their parents to buy them the food they see on TV.

8. Less time spent preparing food. 
In the 1960s women spent approximately 2 hours per day preparing food, now it is about 20 minutes. it is essential to spend time in the kitchen preparing healthy meals. eating out too often is a main one of the weight gain causes.

No time to prepare healthy meals? One of the key reasons many say is part of their list of weight gain causes is lack of time to prepare healthy meals. Find all kinds of amazing Time saving kitchen tips. 

9. Some medications cause weight gain. Some antidepressants increase weight, as well as the pill. After 10 years, two thirds of those taking Lithium gain 10 kilos or about 22 pounds. 

10. Leptin resistance 
With leptin resistance the two most important factors of weight loss are thrown off, food intake and fat storage.

Lack of sleep is often one of the main weight gain causes

a pic of a woman with insomnia as it is one of the weight gain causes

11. Sleep and Weight Loss 
Sleep more to eat less! Too little sleep can lead to too much fat. Also, when the circadian sleep rhythms, the natural sleep rhythms of the body are upset we gain weight.

When the body's natural rhythms are upset it has a hard time figuring out when it is time to digest, to eliminate toxins, etc. It also upsets the hormonal balance and the production of melatonin, which fights against the development of tumors. Preventing insomnia is key.

12. Nutritional deficiencies create cravings.
It can be a vicious circle, the more you eat sweets or junk food the more you will crave them. Find how to stop sugar cravings. Take this quiz if you think your weight gain is caused by craving carbohydrates and find out how to reduce carb cravings.

Try reducing or eliminating just one of your vices for a while and then gradually work at the next one. As you keep on increasing the amount of healthy food you eat you will start craving healthy food! As you know, a poor diet is one of the biggest weight gain causes in the world.

Not enough water can be part of your weight gain causes

a pic of water as not drinking enough water is one of the weight gain causes

13. Dehydration - Drinking water to lose weight 

You want to be a river, not a stagnant pond!

Many people mistake thirst for hunger. If you are thirsty, it is too late, it means you are already dehydrated. Keep water available to you at all times and drink it. I always have my stainless steel water bottle filled up and with me when I am out and a glass of water on my desk.

Your urine should be pale, except for the first urine of the morning. This should be an important one of your weight gain causes to work on. Drink as much water as you can to control sweet cravings and lose weight. 

14. Lack of digestive enzymes
It is hard to digest your food properly if you lack digestive enzymes and you will still feel hungry after eating. One of the main reasons for a lack of digestive enzymes is not enough raw food in the diet. If you eat a lot of food that is fried, microwaved, or overcooked you won't have enough digestive enzymes. To maintain a healthy weight, and eliminate all Weight gain causes increasing raw food in your diet is important and it also increases the amount of fiber you eat.

If you lack digestive enzymes, your body will use your protective enzymes, compromising your defense against free radicals. The elderly produce less hydrochloric acid in their stomach and highly benefit from a digestive enzyme supplement.

15. Anemia and low blood pressure.

Anemia can either increase or decrease appetite. Often when the adrenal glands are weak, blood pressure is low and this can cause sugar cravings and hypoglycemia. 

16. Slow metabolism

In order to keep your metabolism going you need to stop using calorie reduced and restrictive diets. Intermittent fasting is simply another fad diet that is unhealthy and unsustainable. 

Balance blood sugar to alleviate another of the weight gain causes

17. Diet for Hypoglycemia and glycemic index 
When blood sugar goes up, glycemic levels rise and insulin is produced, causing the blood sugar to drop. If the blood sugar drops too low it results in hypoglycemia. Sometimes when a meal is delayed again there is a drop in blood sugar.

a pic of a woman with a headache as hypoglycemia is one of the weight gain causes

Hypoglycemia Symptoms

  • Confused
  • Irritated
  • Impatient
  • Extremities are cold
  • Anxious
  • Very tired all of a sudden
  • Headache
  • Trembling

One of the main causes of hypoglycemia is stress. It is difficult if the situation is exacerbated by a diet including sugar, coffee and refined carbohydrates. It is essential to eat a healthy diet, increase protein at every meal and reduce sweets, until your hypoglycemia is handled.

It is important to eat before hypoglycemia sets in or a frantic kind of hunger can result in eating 3 platefuls. 

a pic of a frayed rope as stress is one of the weight gain causes

18. Stress and weight gain
Of course stress is another one of our weight gain causes. Do you find yourself stress eating far too often?

The adrenal glands are always working, secreting our stress hormones, cortisol and adrenalin. When we produce too much too often, these hormones reduce muscle mass and fat accumulates. Cortisol acts like a stimulant which produces insulin and can result in weight gain. 

Emotional eating - the biggest of the weight gain causes

a pic of emotional eating as one of the weight gain causes

19. Psychological causes of weight gain 
We must not neglect one of the most important reasons for excess weight. Our emotions alter our appearance, and our health and our health problems tell us a lot about us. We have all experienced emotional eating, or eating "comfort foods", or reaching for food to help alleviate our pain. It is essential to work on the emotional side of weight gain as well as the physical.

First take the Emotional eating quiz 

See also How to stop emotional eating  and 

Emotional Eating Treatment for an in depth look at what you can do to learn how to stop emotional eating and how to stop binge eating.

20. Eating right for your body type

The Most important reason for your weight gain is that you are not eating right for your body type. When you do, you will finally achieve lasting weight loss!  

a pic of the 4 body types as not eating right for your body type is one of the weight gain causes

How to achieve your weight goals? And overcome all your weight gain causes?

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