Drinking Water to Lose Weight

Are you drinking water to lose weight?

YES, it is possible! 

Water is the foundation of all life

  • Our bodies are 65-75% water
  • All biological processes need water, including...
  • digestion
  • energy production and
  • elimination
  • water increases energy by itself and increases the energy derived from food
  • Water dilutes toxins and wastes

3 important facts for drinking water and weight loss:

1. Confusing thirst with hunger

So many people think that they are hungry when they are actually dehydrated.

When you drink more water you decrease hunger in general since most "hunger" sensations are actually thirst, and of course you eat less!

So proper hydration is essential for weight loss! If you're hungry take a minute to stop and check in. Drink a cup of water and wait a minute. You may not no longer feel the urge to eat. 

2. Trying to satisfy thirst with beverages that deplete the body of water

Which beverages deplete the body of water?

Caffeinated beverages, ie. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks. As well as alcohol, and artificially sweetened drinks

Drinking Water to Lose Weight


  • Is a diuretic, which means it pulls water from the body and it increases water loss
  • Causes cells in the body to burn up energy reserves
  • Activates an enzyme that inhibits memory formation and retention
  • May contribute to ADHD and reduce students grades.
  • If you drink one caffeinated beverage, replenish your fluids with 1 and a half glasses of water for each cup.


Did you know hangovers are largely the result of dehydration? Alcohol dehydrates the brain but causes endorphin release, which is why it is addictive. Again 1 and a half cups of water are needed for each cup of alcohol consumed.


Like caffeine, aspartame causes the brain to use up the energy stores. This increases hunger and sugar cravings. About 10% of aspartame gets converted to formaldehyde and methyl alcohol, compounds known to cause nerve damage and blindness.

Aspartame has also been linked with headaches, dizziness, confusion, memory loss, drowsiness, epileptic convulsions, tumors, hypersensitivity and other problems. Find better sugar substitutes.

drinking water to lose weight,

Fruit juice 

Fruit juice is pasteurized, ie heated to very high temperatures, and most of the beneficial properties of the fruit are lost in pasteurization. Tehy can also be stored in huge vats for months, and  then flavoring is added to them. When you drink fruit juice you immediately shoot glycemic levels way up only to have the ensuing crash and cravings for more sweets follow. Studies now link soft drinks and other sugar sweetened beverages to a higher risk of weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and gout.

In a study of 51,000 US women, those who increased their juice consumption over four years gained more weight, (about nine pounds) than those who cut back on juice (about five pounds) ¹ Bottom line, eat fruit rather than drink juice! 

3. Drinking enough water reduces sugar cravings

sugar withdrawal

The brain is the most hydrated organ of the body, being 85% water. The brain and the central nerves are bathed in a fluid called cerebral spinal fluid. The brain uses water to create energy. When dehydrated the brain has to get more energy from food, which causes sugar cravings.

Try drinking water to lose weight and greatly increasing the amount of water you drink and you will certainly notice your sugar cravings diminish or disappear. Give it a try and you will see how it really works. I was quite surprised at how my sweet cravings completely stopped, it really works!

drinking water benefits

Dehydration and weight gain

When we eat more sugars and refined carbohydrates the brain only uses 20% of these increased calories. The body stores the remaining calories as fat. Increasing water intake reduces sugar cravings and fat deposition.

Hydration may also increase leptin, a hormone from fat cells that decreases hunger.

It is easy to see how drinking water to lose weight is essential.

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If you're drinking water to lose weight...
How much water should you drink per day?

drink water

Of course that depends on you, your body, your lifestyle, how much time you are exercising, how hot it is etc.

A general rule of thumb is 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight per day, more or less depending on your size.

If you struggle with drinking enough water, try this: 

Drinking 1 to 2 glasses as soon as you wake up, before your coffee

Drink 2 eight ounce glasses (1/2 liter) when you wake up and 1/2 hour before meals
Drink 1 glass 2 1/2 hours after meals
Drink whenever you are thirsty, including during meals.

1. JAMA 293:1338, 2005