Sugar Withdrawal 
How to Stop Sugar Cravings

If you are suffering from sugar withdrawal there are a few things you can do to alleviate your suffering and reduce your sugar cravings.

Some of the symptoms that you are sugar sensitive:

I remember when I was about 30, I went cold turkey and had zero sugar for a month. I was also determined to rid myself of the candida albicans (over-abundance of yeast) I had been suffering with for years.

I kept my home free of sweets, but it was so difficult every time I was out and sweet snacks were all around me. Passing by a bakery was very hard and every week I went to a meditation center that served cookies and herbal teas after the meditation. 

sugar withdrawal

But I did it, not a granule of sugar passed my lips, and the following months I only had something sweet a handful of times.

After a while it became easy and second nature to eat a completely sugar free diet, and now it is only on rare occasions when at a party that I might have a small piece of something sweetened with white sugar. At home I occasionally use a little stevia or maple syrup as a sweetener.

One thing that helped me with my sugar withdrawal was raw almond butter. I didn't realize it then but that was because of the protein. I was vegetarian at the time, which made things harder for me as I was protein deficient. Through my studies as a Naturopath I learned these 3 things:

Three top things to do for sugar withdrawal

1. Reduce sugar intake

Yes, I am sorry but it is essential to reduce your consumption of anything sweet for a few weeks or a few months depending on how bad your sugar addiction is. Are you wondering "Why do I crave sugar?" It is an addiction.Sugar has the same effect as opium on the brain. At least for the first month, no sweeteners of any kind and if you have huge sugar cravings also reduce to a maximum 1 or 2 fruits per week at the beginning. 

sugar withdrawal

2. Increase protein

If you are craving sugar, by increasing protein your cravings will be much easier to handle. You need to eat complete protein at every meal, especially breakfast, and healthy high protein snacks in between meals if you feel the need. 

Some, like myself (of slender build), will continue eating like this indefinitely and feel great. Others may choose to decrease their protein intake once their sugar cravings are under control.

Two eggs for breakfast is ideal, with a piece of kamut or spelt sourdough bread, for toast if you like. As long as the yolks are runny - soft boiled or poached - there is a negligible effect on cholesterol. By having a full breakfast you will feel more fully satisfied all day long. Make sure your other meals are high in protein as well.

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3. Increase the amount of water you drink.

I experienced this first hand. I always considered that I drank enough water. After attending a conference all about water and it's benefits for healing, I increased my water consumption and my sweet cravings considerably decreased. Read more in drinking water to lose weight. 

For further reading, and to help you with your journey, I highly recommend Potatoes not Prozac by Kathleen DesMaisons. You will find explanations on the exact effect sugar has on our moods and how children of alcoholics are at higher risk. Also included is a seven step program to kick your sugar habit once and for all and take control of your life. 

Take it one step further

It's very hard to kick the sugar habit. 

Have you been eating a healthy diet and the number on scale still doesn’t budge?

You sense that emotional eating may be an underlying cause?

Loneliness, boredom, stress and depression has you spiralling out of control grabbing sweets, unhealthy snacks late at night and overly generous portions at most meals?

When you have a personalized healthy eating plan, it will make it so much easier for you! I outline 4 different body types with 4 separate plans in my program Natural Ways to Lose Weight.

I encourage you to click here to get further information about what kinds of foods to eat for your particular body type in order to eliminate sweet cravings and feel more balanced. The "Thyroid Type Plan" is perfect for those who need to get off of their sugar addiction.

sugar withdrawal

The simple steps don't have to be difficult. I go over it in depth in Natural Ways to Lose Weight 

Once you have kicked your sugar habit you will feel happier, more balanced and calm and lose the weight you want to. You and your loved ones will certainly notice the difference!