Depression Self Help Guide

Depression Self Help Guide

Your depression self help guide starts with changing the way you feel about depression. There are many causes of depression and it can be a gift... to wake up to something that you can heal, and a process of transformation. 

The following fascinating information comes from Dr. Kelly Brogan, Psychiatrist, in an interview done by Marie Forleo.

 "The body is one of the most sophisticated mechanisms on the planet and we are just beginning to look through the keyhole of what it does. It doesn’t make mistakes, any time you have a  symptom, from a head ache, to depression, it’s a message from the body that it is time to look at things.  

With depression, there are different areas of imbalance in your life, it can be:

  • nutritional,
  • environmental, or
  • psychospiritual.

And when you begin to shift in that area you can start to heal what needs to be healed.

Sometimes choosing to medicate can be choosing to opt out.

Causes of depression

Depression Self Help Guide

According to Dr. Kelly Brogan, Not a single study has proven that depression comes from a chemical imbalance in the brain.

One cause is inflammation, due to stress or a poor diet. You can meet the body with a set of very powerful, elegant tools that put everything in balance.

Blood sugar imbalance, can cause, fogginess, insomnia, an ADHD diagnosis, anxiety, or flatness, and can  be resolved with a balanced diet.

Some very common medications (birth control, pain killers, acid blockers, antibiotics, etc) have untold psychiatric side effects.

Acid blockers have well documented results of B12 deficiency, which can cause catastrophic depression and dementia. 

The birth control pill, victimizes women. It is pro inflammatory, induces nutrient depletion and leads to psychiatric prescribing.

A recent million person study over 13 years showed that teens who are prescribed the birth control pill have an 80% increase of chance of being prescribed an anti depressant!! I think that this is outrageous, and it is not even in the mainstream media!

Your depression self help guide

We’ve reached a point in our evolution where our health is being outpaced by our lifestyles and how we’re biologically designed to live.

  1. We’re idle when our bodies want to move.
  2. We eat unrecognizable foods.
  3. We expose ourselves to environmental factors that assault our cells.

Depression is a gift, as we’ve forgotten this. We are living in a way that we are not evolved to live.

Our body is crying out for change. 

Often we need a bit of fear, or struggle and to hit rock bottom or go through a dark night of the soul to be really awakened to what is possible. 

Your entire performance in life can be based on what you eat for breakfast.

When you take medication you need to find out why you are taking it. Even Tylenol has emotional numbing effects. We ask for the quick fix, and there’s no such thing.

Behavioural change is uncomfortable for maybe one or two weeks.

Imagine it first, for it to become reality

Depression Self Help Guide

Everything you encounter is a message that you need to learn something.

What is the healthiest, happiest version of yourself that you can imagine?

When you sit and inhabit something that you want for yourself it becomes more likely.

Gratitude is the antidote to depression.

When you can feel that expansive sensation and you can experience the wonder of it all, you’re never going to be able to move into that space of victimization, rage, or frustration or hopelessness. It’s almost impossible.  It’s a powerful exercise to play with this idea that maybe something you can’t even envision yet is possible for you." 

There is so much you can do to alleviate depression naturally. If you're ready to start changing your diet, and making some of the changes mentioned above. Book a FREE Discovery Call today, to begin learning how you can completely transform your life! 

pic of Sue-Anne naturopath

Sue-Anne Hickey is a naturopath and when she isn’t helping clients, she is usually found munching on a homemade power bar to keep her energy balanced. Her life changed when she discovered she was a Thyroid Type and needed more protein at breakfast and snacks to maintain her good energy throughout the day.

 She began to understand eating for her body type after her yoga practice led her to learn more about naturopathy and nutrition. She couldn’t wait to use her knowledge to help others to become healthier and lose any excess weight.

 She combines her body type eating plan with Rapid Transformational (R.T.T) to uncover limiting beliefs and release them, creating permanent change and lasting healing. As a result, many individuals have experienced radical changes in their lives while attaining their health goals. R.T.T works so well with depression.