The Best Weight Loss Exercises

The best weight loss exercises are exercises that you enjoy!

How many people sign up for a gym membership, even though they hate the gym? How many buy a treadmill even if the thought of getting on it makes them cringe?

If you would like to lose weight through exercise you must find something that you are motivated to do, that you find fun, preferably outside in the fresh air. Some may start with walking, or riding a bike, jogging, swimming or walking while playing golf.

Richard Béliveau, author of Cooking with Foods that Fight Cancer, says. “Nothing will change if it doesn't give you pleasure.” Exactly, so can you find a type of exercise that will give you pleasure?

Instead of thinking of the best weight loss exercises and weight loss as a negative proposition, turn it around into a positive change.

Focus on the "what if's."

  • What if I could run a 5K or wear some really sexy clothes?
  • What if instead of feeling bad about myself all the time I could feel good about myself!

Focus on the positive changes and outcomes.

What do you dream to do?

Start with a short term goal and a long term goal.

Start today with the first step, literally!

The Best Exercise for Your Body Type

The best weight loss plan outlines the best weight loss exercise for your exact body type. 

If you are an Adrenal Body Type, you tend to have a bigger upper body. So while you may prefer strength and weight training and building the upper body, it would be more beneficial to you to focus on moving your lower body, and exercises that require speed and flexibility, as you tend to be stiff and you don't need to bulk up your already well built upper body. Squash or tennis are some good choices.

If you are a pear shaped or Gonad Body Type, you tend to be bigger on the lower body. So if you wanted to focus, on say, only doing a lot of spinning classes, that would not be great for you, as you would bulk up your lower body. It would be most beneficial for you to move your upper body more, and increase blood circulation as your body tends to be congested. Dancing and aerobics are good choices for you. 

Each body type has specific types of exercise that are most beneficial for weight loss. Contact me to learn more, determine your body type, get your own personalized eating and exercise plan!  

What makes the biggest difference
to your health?

These facts by Dr. Mike Evans, from this fun video 


  • # 1 treatment for fatigue
  • Improves the overall quality of life
  • Decreases anxiety by 48%
  • A low dose decreases depression by 30%
  • A high dose decreases depression by 47%
  • Lowers risk of death by 23%
  • In older patients it reduces the progression of Alzheimer’s by 50%

Yes, Exercise makes the biggest difference to your health - and not running marathons, mostly walking.

Low fitness is the strongest predictor of death.

The best weight loss exercise program for your body type also depends on you and what shape you are in now. Start gradually and consider your own health and limitations, check with your doctor if needed.

If you are overweight then you probably want to start with walking and perhaps a gentle yoga class. As you keep on gaining strength, flexibility and losing weight, you can move on to something more strenuous.

If you choose to start with walking make sure you have good shoes and comfortable clothing. Do whatever you need to, to make it fun for you. Join a friend, take along your ipod, find a nice place to walk, enjoy the trees and the sky.

You might start three times per week for the first month and work up to five. When you are ready, add in strength training. We lose muscle mass after age 35. Muscle is our engine and is needed to burn up the glucose we get from each meal so that we can ensure that the glucose is not turned into fat.

3 steps to a successful best weight loss exercise program

  1. Start with a program that is achievable and practical.
  2. Develop a consistent and effective program.
  3. Get support, with a work out or walking buddy, personal trainer or someone who will hold you accountable.

Your success plan:

Schedule in time for exercise. I know for myself if something is not put into my schedule with time slotted out for it, it is not going to happen. One of the main reasons exercise programs fail is due to people thinking they can squeeze it into an already very busy schedule. Your busy schedule will always win!

I am a firm believer that we create the time for what we want to create the time for.

If you want to succeed you have to schedule in each and every workout. As you continue on a healthy path you will probably find that you don't need to schedule it in. You will look forward to your sports and activities because they are fun and they make you feel so good. The endorphin high is definitely true.

Best way to lose fat

The most efficient way to lose fat is to do high intensity interval training and strength training. So that would mean sprints are best, with a rest in between, could be running, on your bike, or a high intensity workout with less intense in between. Research shows that high intensity training works best at getting rid of fat and increasing strength.

Of course as mentioned above the most important thing is to stick with something you love as that will ensure that you continue, start easy and work up to a more vigorous workout.

  • Accountability,
  • scheduling in time and
  • motivation are the keys to success

Best weight loss exercise
for your body type

One size fits all never works for dieting or for exercise! I have outlined this in my weight loss program Natural ways to lose weight

Everyone is different and everyone gains weight in a diferent part of their body.

So it's best to choose the right exercise to ensure you lose weight exactly where you want to. There are four different body types and each type has a few key exercise that are best for them.

Learn everything you need to know about your own personalized weight loss plan in my ebook.

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