Pear Body Type

Do you have a pear body type? Searching for a body type diet that will
help you lose weight where you most want to? Here's the description and best plan for
the pear shaped body type.

pear body type

 In distinguishing the four different female body types, the pear shaped body type is known also known as the gonad type. Only women are Gonad Types, and this is related to the ovaries.  

There is:
The Adrenal type
The Pituitary type
The Thyroid type and
The Gonad type or pear body type

The Pear shaped body type or gonad type tend to gain weight on the lower body, the saddle bags on the sides of the thighs and /or the buttocks.

The Adrenal type tends to be heavier on top, with a large chest.

When the Thyroid type gains weight it is generally around the middle of the body.

The Pituitary type gains weight a little all over similar to baby fat.

By answering the question "What is my body type?" you can then find your personal body type diet that will help you lose weight where you most want to! Of course it's sometimes hard to see ourselves in every aspect of a description, so ask a friend or spouse to tell you if it sounds like you! 
But if you do have a pear shaped body type you can click here or scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn how I've outlined everything about how to eat for your type in a program, Natural Ways to Lose Weight.

A Couple of Pear Body Type Success Stories 

Lesia lost 36 pounds

I used to think I was making healthy choices, but in reality there were a lot of areas where I had some dietary bad habits that were downright hindering my metabolism.  

Sue-Anne’s program zoomed in on those areas, helping to change those habits and forming better ones through nutrition.  As a result, I have more energy, feel better, my headaches have gone away and I have even shed 36 pounds.  I find myself happier and less frustrated, as I now have the tools I need to move forward.   


pear body type

"I have been trying for 9 years to lose that 10 pounds. As an active runner, I found it so frustrating when the pounds just kept creeping up. I met Sue-Anne through a mutual friend.

After meeting with Sue-Anne via Skype, she nailed it right away. My body type, my personality, my challenges, etc.

Not only did I reach my weight loss goal I had for 9 years, I have lost 25 pounds so far and maintained it since December. As well as the dangerous belly fat which is also depleting. Sue-Anne has helped with my diet immensely."
 Cyndy K.

pear body typeAnna, a Pear Body Type

"I never thought it was possible!  I have struggled with an extra 15-20 pounds for many years. Any effort that I made on my one could only get me to a 5-6 pound weight loss that I would gain back fairly quickly.

I lost 15.5 pounds in the 13 week weight loss group! My husband said to me the other day “Who are you and what have you done with my wife”!!  I feel like a whole new person – Thanks Sue-Anne!!


See more success stories here

Contact me to learn how I can help you! 

Energy Levels of the Pear Body Type

The Pear Body Type is sometimes more of a night owl than a morning person. Although they need more sleep than any other types. You have stable energy (unless consuming too much sugar). As the day progresses your energy increases. Those that have low blood sugar or hypoglycemia will tend to have an energy crash around 4 PM. If you do have hypoglycemia you need to follow the Thyroid Type plan until the sweet cravings are controlled. You can get your second wind around 9 or 10 PM at night and go to bed late, sometimes staying up until 2 AM, but many are in bed by 10 or 11.

Your type is not as strong as the others and you need to go at your own pace. You are slow moving and it is best for you to follow this slow pace. While you may be known as the weakest of the four types your energy will last the longest.

Personality Traits 

This is the gland of affection, emotion, attention, altruism, kindness, harmony, goodness, generosity and empathy. You have strong values, courage and will power.

The Pear Body Type is known for your warmth, love and genuine interest in others. You love to take care of others, the motherly type, the maternal instinct is very strong, and this distinguishes you from the other types. 75% of all nurses are Gonad Types, social workers, teachers, naturopaths, the helping professions.

Being in a relationship is very important to you as is having children. While the Thyroid Type can’t wait to get out after having a baby, the Gonad Types are in their glory at home, love breast feeding for a lengthy period and being a mom. You love the responsibility. The home and land are very important to you and you prefer not to travel for too long.

You are hard working, perseverant and patient. You have a high sense of responsibility and organization. We can count on you, you are very reliable. You do not like confrontations; you find them a waste of time. When there is a conflict (which may be rare as you normally disallow conflict) you have a good sense of justice and a way to balance things out. You tend to do a little too much for others and it can become stifling at times for your children or those you care for. You tend to be overly concerned for the welfare of your children. You dislike superficial things and competition.

You love to talk about life, exchange with others, share. You can project 20 years into the future, no problem.

What stresses you; competition, superficial relationships, or relationships that are not harmonious, changes in the program, financial risks, lack of order. You tend toward burn out at work because you work so hard. When your children leave home it is very hard on you.

You would do well by letting go, learning to live and let live, think more about yourself. The Pear body type usually takes care of others, ( they love to do this) and has a hard time taking care of herself!

Pear Body Type Food Cravings

The Pear Body Type has cravings after dinner and at night more than at other times of the day.

The cravings include:

  • Spicy foods, Mexican food
  • Fatty foods
  • Fried foods
  • Butter, cream
  • French fries, chips
  • Salty foods
  • Red meat
  • Cold cuts
  • Alcohol
  • Red Wine
  • Rosé sauces, creamy sauces, creamy salad dressings   

Cravings around 10 PM indicate a feeling of lacking and wanting someone to take care of you, especially if you feel your partner is not giving you enough attention. Go and get a hug, instead of eating!

Common Ailments

Typical problems relate to the reproductive organs, gynecological troubles and the lymphatic system. PMS, mastitis, infertility, fibroids, breast cysts or uterine cysts or tumors, endometriosis, menstrual problems, organs that descend and constipation.  You tend to have cellulite, varicose veins, leg pain, swelling, heaviness, swollen ankles, over weight.

You may tend towards burn out as you neglect yourself by taking care of others. You tend to have congestion, a lack of circulation in your body, your veins and your life.

Doing a detox is important for you to eliminate the toxins that you accumulate more easily than others. You need to get your blood circulating.

Physical Traits

The Pear Body Type may often exclaim, “Why do I always gain weight There!” You tend to gain weight on the lower body, the sides of the upper thighs, the bum, you are pear shaped. The lower body is bigger, the upper body is small to medium sized.  The back slightly curved in, the buttocks are predominant. Cellulite is usually present on the lower parts of the body and has usually been there for a long time. 

pear body type

What happens when you eat for your body type? You give your body the right types of foods at the right time. Bigger meals when your metabolism is highest and you will more easily burn
it off and smaller meals when your metabolism is lowest.

You learn exactly what foods to avoid and what to eat more of. How to balance your glands hormones so that the weight comes off easily! SO many of my Pear Body Type clients have tried So many diets and Nothing every works. Of course not! One size fits all Never works, and especially not for you! 

In order to help the pear shaped body types learn how to do this I've put together a program Natural Ways To Lose Weight.  I encourage you to click here

To get more information about how this program can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Following the simple steps I've outlined my client Magen has lost 37 pounds so far, Anna lost 15, Cyndy lost 25, Linda lost 30 pounds, and so many more Gonad Types have lost weight by following their plan. It doesn't have to be difficult, I've put all the details together in Natural Ways To Lose Weight

Or, contact me to find out about how working one on one with Sue-Anne Hickey, certified naturopath will give you the accountability, support and all the tools you need to guarantee your weight loss success! 

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