You think you've tried everything and you still can't lose weight?
It's not your fault.
Hi, my name is Sue-Anne, and I can help!

Natural health can be yours!

Do You Long to Lose Weight, be Healthy... and Have More Energy?

I'm on a mission to put an end to failed diets, fad diets, and diets that flop…

Because women's bodies have been through enough!

Here's the truth...

Your body has a unique ability to heal itself when given the proper tools.

But... you need to figure out your body type and to give your body the specific tools it needs.


We determine your body type and the cause of your ailment, or over-weight

and then...

the personalized, simple steps towards health, healing and well being become simple and obvious!

Yes you can heal your ailments and lose weight by eating right for your body type.

Imagine looking and feeling totally vibrant and full of energy all day, every day! I'd love to show you how!

Grab your free "Jumpstart Your Weight Loss" toolkit here:

It's time to leave frustration behind & walk the path of success to your goals.

I'm Sue-Anne Hickey, a Certified Naturopath and weight loss specialist, I've helped hundreds of clients around the globe, lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, heal their ailments naturally, regain their health and  increase their energy!

I coach women around the world to crush diet frustration and create real, lasting success in their journey to better health. 

I am the creator of Bodytypology, the system to lasting weight loss. When my clients easily drop the pounds they want to I'm as excited as they are! 

Healthy eating and following a healthy lifestyle has been my passion for over 29 years. When I'm not doing consults you can find me on my bike, or on my skis, basically anywhere outdoors in any weather...

or in the kitchen, cooking up some super healthy, delicious meals from scratch. 

Learn more about me here...


Determine your type, get your own personalized plan & work with me.

You'll learn exactly what kinds of foods are best at what time, for your particular body type,  to drop the pounds you want to. You'll make simple changes that are  easily sustainable long term. 

Using RTT, Rapid Transformational Therapy, we'll uncover and release any limiting beliefs and create a new positive mindset that aligns with your desires and eliminates emotional or stress eating.

The mind-body connection is often what separates those who lose weight successfully and those who spend years trying.

If you're ready to finally enjoy success on your journey, easily dropping the pounds where you most want to, this is the program for you

Still have questions, want to learn more
about the Bodytypology system?

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