Emotional Eating Quiz

a woman eating junk to show the importance of taking the emotional eating quiz

This emotional eating quiz will show you in an instant if you need to learn how to manage emotional eating.

1. Your hunger comes on quickly and feels urgent.

2. You eat more than you normally would and you feel uncomfortably full.

3. You eat very quickly, stuffing food in as if you are trying to stuff yourself.

4. You are left feeling guilty and cross with yourself.

5. You feel the desperate need to eat something right away.

6. You experience an urge to eat when you are emotionally upset, happy, bored, stressed or anxious.

7.  You eat to get rid of a feeling of emptiness.

8. You've tried to lose weight before and never succeed due to your urge to eat.

9. When you get hungry you feel you need a certain type of food to treat or satisfy yourself.

10. You often eat mindlessly, not paying attention to the taste or how much you are eating.

11. You feel powerless over your desire to eat unhealthy food, or over portion control.

Your responses to the emotional eating quiz

If you answered "Yes" to more than 3 of these questions in the emotional eating quiz, you are being triggered my emotional eating. If you are trying to lose weight you need to work on both the physical side, eating healthy food and the emotional side.

Most of us turn to various means to help with unresolved emotional issues. It may be drugs, alcohol, overwork, sex, or a combination of those and food also can become an addiction in order to numb yourself so that you don't have to handle an unpleasant feeling. 

The challenge lies in that like any addiction the quick fix may help you temporarily feel better, but the feeling is very short lived and afterward you feel even worse, beating yourself up emotionally for overeating or eating something unhealthy.

In working with my clients for weight loss we always work on both emotional eating, as well as eating right for their body type.

How to start undoing emotional eating after taking the emotional eating quiz

The first step is in identifying that you are an emotional eater, which you have just done. This is huge!

The ah ha moment, the realization and acknowledgment that there is a problem is key to taking the first important steps in strategizing how to start replacing this behavior with a new behavior.

What to do next?

Take things one step at a time. You didn't develop this pattern overnight and usually it's not going to magically change in an instant no matter how much you would like it to.

a woman journaling to help after scoring high on the emotional eating quiz

A very powerful exercise to do is to start keeping a food journal to track not only what you're eating, but also what you are feeling when you eat and after you eat.

Do this for one week.

Doing this you will start to see patterns of triggers.

What are your triggers?

Are they events?


Feelings- feeling bored, upset, lonely, angry, unhappy?

What is going on? 

By keeping track you'll start to see a pattern.

The food trance - if you scored high on the emotional eating quiz

 If food does make you happy temporarily what a powerful narcotic it has become!

To resist it, you need to get the entire picture, to see the need of the pattern, in the way a junkie needs to see how he the fast high leads to a future of overdosing, infection, poverty, crime and so on.

In the case of food compulsion, you need to see not only the weight you’ll gain by eating too much -- because that clearly hasn’t been enough to stop you in the past – but also to understand how covering up emotions with food sets you back psychically, spiritually, and effectively.

Journaling can help if you scored high on the emotional eating quiz

Start by keeping your food and emotion journal for 1 week and when you've got that completed come back and continue on to the next pages all about emotional eating treatment and emotional eating disorder.

Contact me to find out how I can help you learn how to eat right for your body type and overcome emotional eating once and for all! 


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Hi, my name is Sue-Anne Hickey, I'm a certified naturopath, weight loss specialist and creator of Bodytypology. For over 28 years, nutrition, healthy eating , healthy lifestyle has been a passion of mine. I love helping my clients break through the barriers, that are holding the weight in place. I've helped tons of my clients overcome their emotional eating.

Helping my clients with weight loss since 2006, I learned that the most important thing to do was to help them boost self esteem. to overcome emotional eating. I then incorporated all kinds of simple fun written exercises, fun things to discover and do, to teach them exactly how to boost self esteem. the results were nothing short of spectacular. It is the Key ingredient, along with the body type plan to ensure your lasting weight loss success.

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