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       My name is Sue-Anne Hickey, (west island naturopath) I'm a certified naturopath  and I have a  question for you....

        Have you: 

  • Tried all the latest fad diets, zero carbs, no sugar, ketogenic, etc. with no success. 
  • Been thinking you have fairly healthy eating habits but you still struggle with your weight.
  • Found that stress, boredom or depression has you spiraling out of control, grabbing sweets, or unhealthy snacks before or after dinner
  • Been suffering with digestive issues, hormonal issues, or another ailment and you're ready to try the natural route? 

* Please note: During Covid, until further notice I'm doing all consultations by Zoom

I can show you one of the most little known and simple ways to start on a  path of total transformation by giving you a personalized plan, for your glandular body type. 

This is why I created Bodytypology, system for lasting weight loss. Eating right for your body type will also help heal your ailments naturally!  

I help people like you.

People who've been struggling and wanting to find a better solution. I offer consultations in person, by skype, online weight loss groups and practicing in the West Island of Montreal with my west island naturopath office in the Beaurepaire village in the west island of Montreal.

I also do consultations by Zoom (similar to skype) Facetime or phone

 Contact me to book your appointment today! 

As a West Island Naturopath my passion is...

helping people increase energy, lose weight and heal what ails them naturally, using:

  • A personalized plan that's catered to your food preferences and time restraints
  • A fabulous manual to fast track you into immediately overcoming your inner saboteur
  • Transformational readings and short written exercises that I've gathered over my own journey to ensure you breakthrough your barriers once and for all! 
  • Weekly accountability so that you reach your goals
  • Fun, stickers and cheerleading, I even have pom poms! :) 
  • Top quality supplements and vitamins I've researched and use
  • A proven holistic approach to alternative medicine and natural healing

Always healthy?

A pic of the author doing a headstand with cross country skis on showing how the West Island Naturopath loves to exercise and also loves snow

Although I grew up following a fairly healthy lifestyle, before I became a west island naturopath I definitely wasn't as healthy and strong as I am now! (That's me above combining my passion for yoga and cross country skiing.) In 1985 I graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a B.A., Specialization French/English Translation. 

I was much weaker – falling asleep at my desk before lunch. My energy was up and down all day unable to find the motivation to do the things I love, participating in sports, bike riding and spending quality time with friends.

I was hypoglycemic, constantly craving sweets using carbs to try to find and keep my energy up.  My body was very acidic, and I had candida albicans. causing my hands to be covered with eczema.  I had lost my healthy glow and all vibrancy. But, what’s more I was nearly ready to accept that this was the way my life would be.

Around the world spiritual journey

A pic of a stupa showing how the West Island Naturopath traveled around the world on a spiritual journey

I set off on an around the world solo spiritual journey that lasted a year and a half. I was searching for answers for the key to what holds us back from attaining all that we want. I did my yoga teachers training course in southern India, I did 4 ten day silent meditation retreats, I learned about Buddhism in a monastery in Nepal, stayed at ashrams in India and Indonesia, it was Eat Pray Love, Canadian style. :) 

My Practice as a West Island Naturopath

In 2006, I decided to extend my expertise in natural healing and started training as anaturopath.

As a west island naturopath, in my practice I have encouraged hundreds of people to make long-term, positive changes in their lives, both on the emotional side and physical side.

I love connecting with my clients, helping them dissolve the feelings and the eating patterns that are keeping the weight on. Check out some of the 80+ testimonials here.

I created Bodytypology: System for Lasing Weight Loss

It’s a personalized healthy eating weight loss system that works better than any diet.
Drop the pounds easily as you learn to nourish your body with the right foods at the right time.

The plan is easy to follow so you are sure to succeed!

It provides you with specific foods to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner. Nourish your body to lose weight without using unhealthy meal replacement shakes or bars that slow down your metabolism and make long term weight loss impossible.

There are 4 body types for women

A pic of the 4 body types, adrenal, pituitary, pear and thyroid showing how the West Island Naturopath uses this unique platform for weight loss

And 3 body types for men 

A pic of the 3 men body types, adrenal, pituitary and thyroid showing how the West Island Naturopath uses this unique platform for weight loss

It’s simple; once you figure out your type, you have your plan.

  • No counting calories
  • No counting points
  • No weighing food
  • Save time and LOADS of money

You won’t make yourself crazy constantly thinking about what you can and cannot eat.

No more yo-yo dieting, depriving yourself and even losing weight only to gain it all back. Get it off and maintain your ideal weight FOREVER!

Bodytypology gives you a personalized system you can implement for the rest of your life.  And, the best part is that it REALLY works! As a west island naturopath I've literally helped hundreds of clients transform their lives. 
You will learn when to eat lighter meals to energize your body the most and when you can eat more to easily burn off the calories.

The results?
You will experience fat loss in the spots that bother you the most!
You will eliminate cravings!
You energy will soar!
And you will feel AMAZING as you lose weight!

My passions...outside of my practice as a west island naturopath

These days... on a sunny summer day, you can find me cycling long distances at a fast pace with some friends in my Cycling Club.

In the summer of 2015 I followed my dream of cycle touring and  I set out to explore Eastern Canada by bike!

In 2016 I cycle toured solo through New Hampshire and Maine

2017 was my favorite tour - to the Gaspé

In the winter I love cross country skiing. I give talks and write health related articles for local newspapers. 

You can learn more or book an appointment by contacting me or by calling 514-577-1963.

A pic of the author doing an arabest on her bike showing how the West Island Naturopath loves to exercise and biking

My beautiful office is in the Beaurepaire village of Beaconsfield easily accessible off of highway 20 and Woodland. I also work with clients by  Zoom.

As a certified naturopath I am a licensed member of the Professional Association of Naturopaths of Quebec, A.N.P.Q. Insurance receipts will be provided to you for your consultation.

a pic of the west island naturopath, Sue-Anne Hickey

Our health is the most wonderful gift we have, the choices we make today affect our quality of life tomorrow.

Contact me now to start your journey to a healthier, happier You! 

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