West Island Weight Loss 

Is this you? 

Are you using food for stress management and celebration, instead of nourishment

Are your eating habits a knee jerk, rebellious reaction?  Are you choosing baggy clothes to hide your body ?

Does loneliness, boredom, stress or depression have you spiralling out of control, grabbing sweets or unhealthy snacks?  Do you struggle with portion control?  Do you put your kids, your partner, your work, your pet first, before yourself?

Are you always tired in the morning?  Does your energy crash in the afternoon?

Have you tried every diet and nothing works?  

Have you gained so much weight that you can't remember what you used to look like?

I get it...I understand

My clients were in the exact same place before coming to see me. 

I'd Love to help you 

Because one size does not fit all and it never works! Bodytypology is a system I created and it's tailored to your body type.  With my guidance, you will have lasting, effective results and lose the weight where you most want to

west island weight loss

Hi, my name is Sue-Anne Hickey and I am a certified naturopath, and weight loss specialist! I have my office in the Beaurepaire village in Beaconsfield.

 Together, we will choose balanced healthy eating plan you can feel satisfied with and continue for the rest of your life. Sorry, I don't have a quick fix. When you follow your plan you'll lose 1 to 2 pounds per week and keep it off for good.

For over 29 years nutrition and healthy lifestyle has been my passion. And over the past 12 years I’ve helped hundreds of clients drop the weight and keep it off!!

By giving you a personalized plan

west island weight loss

A plan aligned to your specific body type! Once we figure out your type, you will:

  • Not count calories
  • Not count points
  • Not weigh your food
  • Save time !

My signature program...

will uncover and take down your inner saboteur.  

You will discover and replace your ingrained mal-adaptive emotional eating habits and replace them with long lasting healthier alternatives. Without this most weight loss programs fail. 

Plus, when you eat right for your type you will:

  • Heal your ailments naturally!  
  • Have energy all day
  • Fit in those clothes you love
  • Feel proud and sexy again
  • Avoid or get off your medication (with your physician's support)
  • Attain and maintain your ideal weight and
  • Eliminate your cravings!!

Start Your West Island Weight Loss Plan Today!

Contact me at:  514-577-1963  for a consultation to get you started on the path to total transformation and happiness. Loving the body you’re in and enjoying life like never before! 

Or join my next weight loss group to get the added group support and encouragement.

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