Simple Healthy Eating Guidelines

1. First and foremost of the healthy eating guidelines for obtaining natural health, is the importance of eating a varied, healthy, balanced diet.

Eat fresh foods in the most natural state possible.

2. Strive towards making the majority of your food be fresh vegetables and fresh fruit. Vegetables can be eaten raw in a salad, steamed or lightly cooked. The more you cook or process your vegetables the less nutritional value they have.

Ideally, two thirds of your plate will be vegetables and the other third protein and carbohydrates. 

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3. We all need good quality sources of protein, as protein forms the building blocks of the body, muscles and bones. Chicken, some fish and eggs are good sources of protein. Unfortunately dairy is not. Almonds are the healthiest kind of nuts for a protein snack. 

For 16 years I was vegetarian. It wasn't until I started taking my classes to be a naturopath that I discovered I was protein deficient. I began to eat chicken and fish and more eggs and my energy and stamina increased immensely. 

Vegetarians can combine whole grains with beans or legumes in order to get a complete protein. Even at that you need to eat quite a large quantity to get a sufficient amount of protein.

On the other hand too much protein is not good either. Check this chart of the protein content of foods to determine how much protein you are eating. 

4. Eat whole grains, which means grains that you can see with your eyes, such as brown rice, quinoa, millet, oats, etc. These are healthier than grains that you can't see, ones that are processed into cereal, bread or pasta. 

Better choices for pasta or bread are those made with spelt, kamut and brown rice.

5. Good fats are essential in healthy eating. Many people consume too many bad fats in the form of processed foods, fried foods, trans-fats and saturated fats. Oils should never be heated. The best oils are extra virgin olive oil and oils that are first cold pressed, preferably organic.

6. Drink plenty of pure, fresh water.

7. Foods to avoid when following healthy eating guidelines:

  • White sugar or anything containing white sugar or its equivalent, such as high fructose corn syrup.
healthy eating guidelines

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  • White flour or foods made with white flour  
  • Refined or processed foods. If it has a bar code it is not food!
  • Fried foods, foods with trans-fats or bad oils such as palm oil or hydrogenated oil.
  • Table salt or foods containing regular table salt. Choose sun-dried sea salt.

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