Lowering Inflammation

If your goal is lowering inflammation, here is the best plan. Many lifestyle and dietary changes may be necessary, depending on where you are at. Check the complete list of

inflammation symptoms and causes of inflammation. 

Proceed slowly, taking baby steps. Pick one thing off the list to do first and when you feel ready move on to the next.

Step 1 - Lifestyle Changes

  • Low glycemic diet
  • Increase healthy fats
  • Use sun dried sea salt
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest
  • Exercise
  • deep abdominal breathing

Step 2 - Balance pH

Step 3 - Cleansing

  • Reduce your exposure to toxins
  • Buy organic food as much as possible, food that is free of hormones and antibiotics
  • Eliminate all cleaning products with chemicals
  • Replace beauty products that contain chemicals and perfumes
  • Do a cleanse, detox

Step 4 - Listen to Your Body

  • Listen and be aware of the messages your body is sending you
  • Be aware of any symptoms, big and small, and try to determine the cause
  • Do any medical tests needed to check for inflammation
  • Check your thyroid levels
  • Check your hormone levels

Step 5 - Follow the Program

  • Follow the program for your specific type of inflammation, according to your inflammation symptoms. A Naturopath can help set up your program.
  • Supplement program for inflammation.

Find the right anti-inflammatory supplements for you according to where you are experiencing your inflammation.