Healthy Digestive System

Some say "You are what you eat," however, we might better add "you are what you can digest and absorb." 

If you are not chewing your food well,

if you do not have enoughdigestive enzymes to help digest and assimilate your food,

if you can not properly absorb the nutrients,

if you are constipated, 

then no matter how well you eat, you will not benefit from your healthy diet. 

Digestive System

There are so many factors that influence your digestive system.

Some Enemies of the Digestive System:

  • Medication
  • Aspirin and anti-inflammatories
  • Tobacco
  • Age
  • Alcohol
  • Antacids
  • Antibiotics
  • Birth control pill
  • Tap water or water that is not pure
  • Coffee
  • Soft drinks
  • Milk
  • Processed food and fast food
  • Chewing gum
  • Poor diet
  • Negative emotions
  • Stress

If you have problems with your digestion you must first determine the cause. Sure it's easy to reach for an antacid for acid reflux or take a laxative for constipation but if taken for too long, these medications will exacerbate your condition. Find your constipation home remedy. and acid reflux remedy 

Check the list above to verify if the cause is there. Apart from medication, is there something that you can eliminate for a while to see if there are any improvements? Be mindful, for things such as coffee or soft drinks you must decrease slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, etc. 

One of the main causes of digestive problems is stress. I know for myself, if I am in a rush to leave and I have to eat quickly, it will be very hard for me to digest my meal. You must eat in a calm atmosphere, not on the run while stressed. 

Stomach bloating causes 

Find out exactly why you are experiencing bloating after eating. Find the causes of bloating as well as suggestions and supplements to help. 

Stomach gas remedy

If you experience gas after eating, find the causes of your stomach gas pain, and the best stomach gas remedy. Best foods to eat to alleviate stomach gas and supplements. 

Food Intolerances or Hypersensitivity

Certain foods cause more of an allergic reaction, or sensitivity than others. These are:

  • wheat
  • cow's milk and other dairy products
  • peanuts
  • corn and
  • eggs

Many people are intolerant to dairy or wheat without knowing it. You can try eliminating one of these from your diet completely for two weeks, and then add it back in to see how you feel. 

Heartburn Home remedy
If you need fast heartburn relief you will probably find it in your fridge rather than taking medication. Learn what causes heartburn, how to get fast heartburn relief, but most important, how to avoid heartburn. 

Indigestion causes and remedies 

Often digestive problems stem from either an underproduction or overproduction of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Although indigestion can happen at any age, generally, those under 30 can produce too much and this results in stomach aches before a meal when the stomach is empty. Often these people need to reduce stress.

Those over 30, and especially the elderly, have stomachs that do not secrete enough hydrochloric acid (hypochlorhydria). They experience discomfort after a meal.

Hiatal hernia - the upper part of the stomach and the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is pushed up through the diaphragm.

Find the best home remedies for bad breath and learn the causes of bad breath. 

Stomach ulcers affect more than 5 million Americans each year. There are many causes but there is so much you can do. If you are suffering, first determine what causes stomach ulcers then follow the best diet for ulcers for your natural remedy for ulcers.

Digestive Enzymes

It is important to eat foods that are rich in digestive enzymes. Very fresh, raw foods are the best, and growing your own sprouts is excellent, as they are actually still living when eaten. If you do not eat enough raw foods, taking a digestive enzyme supplement might be a good idea until you can improve your diet.

What destroys digestive enzymes in food? 

  • air
  • light
  • time
  • refining
  • freezing
  • cooking
  • pasteurizing
  • microwaves

Not only is chlorophyll a natural deodorant for all the body systems, it reinforces the circulatory system, the intestinal system and the female reproductive system, read more about the chlorophyll health benefits here. 

Once again, eating a healthy diet is paramount in maintaining a healthy digestive system and a healthy you!

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