Cause of Ulcers

What is the cause of ulcers? Let's start by answering the question, 
what are ulcers?

An ulcer happens due to erosion which leaves an internal wound or sore. They can occur in the mouth, in our veins, on the skin, or in the digestive tract. Often the surrounding tissues are sore and inflamed. There are many causes of ulcers, from a lack of vitamins to cancer.

Peptic ulcers occur in the digestive system, so called because of the role that pepsin plays in the digestion process. 

Ulcers can be divided into 3 groups depending on where they appear

  • Esophageal ulcers
  • Gastric or Stomach ulcers
  • Duodenal Ulcers - in the portion of the small intestine closest to the stomach

What causes stomach ulcers?

The stomach is in a constant state of trying to maintain a balance between acid and mucous. The mucous acts as a protective barrier from the acid. If the acid wins over ulcers can form. 

What causes the stomach to produce acid?

  1. The presence of food stimulates the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid to break down the food particles.
  2. Animal protein especially stimulates acid production, which is why over time vegetarians will produce smaller amounts of hydrochloric acid.
  3. Heavy food, such as fried foods that sit in the stomach a long time produce excess acid. These foods will actually stagnate in the stomach and weaken and cause premature aging of the stomach lining.
  4. Nervousness increases the production of acid, as well as anger, fear, frustration, etc.

Medication, coffee, chemicals and toxins or a poor diet effect the quality of the protective mucous. Over time less mucous is produced resulting in peptic ulcers.

For many years it was believed that stress and anxiety were the causes of ulcers. However recently it has been shown that Helicobacter pylori bacteria combined with acid causes an infection resulting in ulcers. However stress still plays a main role.

What else contributes to the cause of stomach ulcers?

Aspirin and Non steroidal Anti inflammatories (NSAIDS)

  • Steroids, such as those taken for arthritis
  • Cortisone
  • Heredity
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Heavy smoking

Once you determine the cause of your ulcer you can follow the best diet for ulcers and use a natural cure for your ulcer.