The Best Digestive Enzymes
For You

best digestive enzyme

The best digestive enzymes? First lets take a look... what are digestive enzymes?

When we think of digestive enzymes we automatically think of the digestive system and digestive enzymes. But there are 3 kinds of enzymes.

  1.  Metabolic enzymes are vital for energy production and detoxification. They run all of the body’s organs, tissues and cells.
  2. Digestive enzymes for digestion
  3. And the enzymes in raw food that kick start the digestive process in the stomach.

Enzymes release vitamins, minerals and amino acids, keeping the body alive and healthy. They bring energy to the body and if you don’t eat enough raw food you are sure to feel tired. Your glands and organs are forced to work harder and they become tired more quickly. Chances are, if you feel tired after a meal, you lack digestive enzymes.

best digestive enzyme

Enzymes are found in our raw food, especially vegetables, however they are fragile and quickly destroyed, by light, over time and completely destroyed by cooking at temperatures above 118 F or 48 C.

When you eat a meal, if enzymes are not available in the food, the body has to go and take them from your metabolic enzymes. These enzymes help protect against free radicals, cancer, premature aging, etc.

Over time if you eat very little raw food your body will be depleted of enzymes and more prone to allergies, fatigue and many other health problems. Your health becomes jeopardized.

A lack of digestive enzymes is one of the causes of weight gain as the food does not digest properly. There is a tendency to eat faster and many still feel hungry as the cells do not receive the nutrients, so they will over eat.

Digestive enzymes can be taken with a meal or in between meals to cleanse the lymphatic system and help with aches and pains, allergies and Fibromyalgia. As we age the stomach secretes fewer digestive enzymes.

best digestive enzyme

Most people over the age of 40 are lacking in digestive enzymes and would benefit from taking a digestive enzyme supplement. This helps reduce the depletion of the body’s own enzymes and the stress on the body.

If you have digestive difficulties, if you are worried that you are not eating enough raw food, a digestive enzyme supplement could be very beneficial to you.

Digestive enzyme supplement benefits

  • Helps the assimilation of all the nutrients in food
  • Reduces the stress on the stomach and intestines
  • Helps with allergies and food intolerances
  • Helps with inflammation of the digestive tract due to a diet high in sugar
  • Helps digestion
  • Many other health issues can be caused by poor digestion, weak soft nails, back pain, fatigue, osteoporosis, infections, hypoglycemia, etc.

I was vegetarian for 16 years. When I began eating poultry again it was thanks to a protein digestive aid that I was able to digest chicken without any problem at all.

Contact me and I'd be happy to assist you in finding the best digestive enzyme supplement for your particular need. We’ll put together a plan focused on bringing forth your body's incredible healing ability. You’ll achieve a higher level of wellness and your energy and strength will skyrocket.