Stomach Bloating Causes 
Excessive Gas and Bloating

Stomach bloating causes...and how to relieve bloating?

Here is a list of the causes of bloating

  • Not chewing slowly and not eating slowly in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Lack of digestive enzymes to digest and assimilate the food
  • Intestinal transit time that is too slow, ie constipation that results in foods putrefying in the colon.
  • A liver that is engorged
  • Lack of bile salts to break down fats
  • An accumulation of fecal matter on the lining of the intestine
  • Poor food combining, especially sugars and starches, ie fruits and vegetables eaten at the same time
  • Parasites
  • Eating foods that are difficult to digest
  • Candida albicans an over abundance of yeast in the body

When bloating of the stomach occurs around the abdominal area, the cause is usually intestinal. If it is situated further up, right under the chest, it can be the gall bladder or liver.

Home remedies for bloating

Stomach Bloating Causes
  • Eat consciously, take the time to chew your food slowly, savoring every bite
  • Reduce and eliminate all refined sugars and dairy
  • For some it helps to not drink while eating, you can try to see if there is a difference.
  • Drink a hot drink after eating (not coffee or tea) an herbal tea or hot water with the juice of half fresh lemon
  • Ensure that you are eliminating at least twice per day, increase fiber and decrease constipation
  • Eat foods high in digestive enzymes, these are all of our fresh, raw foods, especially sprouts and celery
  • When eating beans start by eating small quantities and gradually increase
  • Add a piece of kombu seaweed to the cooking water when cooking beans

Herbs for bloating -  supplements for bloating:

  • Digestive enzymes - note that those who have an overly acidic stomach would do best by choosing a plant based digestive enzyme
  • Papaya and mint helps digestion
  • Psyllium hulls to increase intestinal transit time
  • Marshmallow root and pepsin enhances digestive function
  • especially the metabolism of proteins
  • Products to help the liver
  • Products to rid the body of parasites: garlic, black walnut hulls, artemesia

By determining your stomach bloating causes and finding the reason for your excessive gas and bloating, you can then take the necessary steps to completely eliminate bloating.

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If you've been suffering from stomach bloating, as a certified naturopath I can definitely help you get to the cause and alleviate the problem. After just a few sessions all my clients feel so relieved to discover that their bloating has disappeared completely.

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