How to Increase Metabolism and 
What Slows Metabolism Down

If you want to know how to increase metabolism, let's first look at exactly what slows metabolism down. A calorie-reduced diet is one of the main causes of reduced metabolism. When you start depriving yourself of food, the body needs to protect itself.

Fat is our energy reserve. When you go on a diet the body will do everything it can to reserve it's fat. If the weight loss is too fast the body's metabolism will automatically slow down in order to protect itself and conserve energy. All processes will be slowed down and fewer calories are burned. You may feel that you get tired more easily or you may feel sluggish and bloated.

When the diet is finished and you start to eat normally or you go back to your old ways of eating, the metabolism is still slowed and it will hurry to build up it's reserves of fat again. The weight gained will be stored as fat and more weight will be gained than before. 

how to increase metabolism

It is exactly the same when you skip breakfast or skip a meal. The body is smart, it doesn't know when the next meal will arrive, so it protects itself by slowing down it's metabolism. Not only that, in order to further protect itself, it will store the next meal mostly as fat to conserve energy.

How to increase metabolism?

Forget the diet and Never skip a meal!

Do not deprive yourself of healthy foods or try to starve yourself by reducing calories or skipping meals. Eat a varied, healthy diet and eat 3 meals per day. 

Everyone is different. Some people do well with a very small, light breakfast, others need a big breakfast and snacks in between meals - it depends on your body type, metabolism, lifestyle, and more. Advice to eat 5 or 6 small meals per day to increase your metabolism will actually cause some people to gain weight as they don't need to eat that often.

The essential thing for weight loss is to follow a plan for your specific body type. 

Some illnesses slow down metabolism, especially hypothyroidism. Determine the cause of your weakened thyroid. It could be due to an emotional shock. Frustrations in life are also hard on the thyroid gland.

Nutritional and mineral deficiencies can also play a role.
Lack of :

  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin C
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Complex B

If you're looking for ways to increase metabolism follow these guidelines to keep your body burning calories. You will naturally lose weight or easily maintain your ideal weight.

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