Cooking Quick Tips - 
Time Saving Kitchen Tips and Hints

Cooking quick tips will help you eat healthier meals instead of relying on the microwave to heat up processed, packaged food or worse yet, eating fast food. It's important to use time saving kitchen tips while also eating healthy.

That means using whole, healthy, fresh ingredients. 

It is possible to eat super healthy meals made from scratch and not spend too much time in the kitchen,
 I've been doing it for over 20 years. One of the main tricks is to have healthy food prepared in advance.

cooking quick tips

Years ago, when the stay at home mom was the norm, women spent over 2 hours in the kitchen preparing food, now that time has been reduced to 20 minutes per day.

Busy moms just don't have the time to start cooking elaborate meals when they get in at 6 or later and the kids are hungry and cranky. If you grab something that can be heated up in a few minutes, chances are it's not going to have much nutritional value.

Quick kitchen tips to help you out:

I often roast a whole chicken or even 2 at a time. I enjoy one meal and then strip all the chicken off the bones and freeze it in bags to be thawed later for many fast meals. All the bones go into a pot with celery, carrots, onions, etc. Takes minutes to do and about 5 hours later (while you do something else) you have soup stock. Nothing better for healthy bones and curing colds.

More cooking quick tips...I cook up large quantities of grains, especially brown rice and quinoa. Quinoa is good cold, in salads or added to soups or anywhere you would use potatoes or rice. Another thing I keep on hand is a large quantity of finely grated carrots. These can be used as an instant salad, with some home made dressing drizzled on top. Helps keep a rosy complexion.

So if I walk in the door and it's late and I'm hungry all I have to do is steam some veggies or throw together a large salad, add my cooked chicken and some quinoa seasoned with Braggs liquid soy seasoning (a healthy soy sauce) and I'm ready to eat in a few minutes.

I can use a similar combination with some whole grains, the leftover vegetables to take a healthy lunch along in a plastic container with some salad dressing in a little container on the side.

Always use good quality items in the kitchen, ie grater, knives etc, and keep your high quality, large knife sharpened. I know I am guilty of this myself as I don't get my huge chopping knife sharpened often enough and when it is done, wow, what a difference!

As soon as you bring veggies and herbs home from the market, wash some of them and keep them ready to eat in the fridge. For parsley, cut off the stems, chop in the food processor and keep in a container in the fridge. Instant healthy food, inexpensive and high in iron, to add to salads and other dishes.

A few more quick kitchen tips...

Double or triple your favorite recipes (keep a huge pot for this) especially soups and casseroles, and store in the freezer. Also double and triple the size of your salads to ensure you have some leftover. It takes the same amount of time to chop 3 or 4 branches of celery lined up as it takes to chop one.

Buy foods in season and package and freeze, berries, veggies, pesto, etc.

I use my food processor or blender almost every day. They are indispensable in cooking quick tips. Another inexpensive gadget is something that peels and cores apples at the same time. It often has a suction cup base that sticks to your counter top. You put the apple on, turn the handle and within seconds the apple is peeled, cored and sliced. I don't use it very often, but it only costs 20$ and saves tons of time when making any dessert with apples or apple sauce.

Keep a well stocked pantry and plan meals in advance, keeping a shopping list of the ingredients you need. Keep a list on the fridge, as you run out of something add it to the list.

Find a day in the week, perhaps Sunday afternoon, when you prepare a bunch of dinners and lunches for the week.

Most popular time saving kitchen tips and hints...When working in the kitchen, many prefer to clean up as they go. Start with a sink full of hot soapy water and put things into it as you use them. This will make for a fast and easy clean up.

By following these cooking quick tips you'll save time in the kitchen while enjoying healthy meals, increasing your energy and losing weight naturally.