Best Weight Loss Plan and
Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Your best weight loss plan starts with a personalized program for you! As we know, One size fits all Never works! 

best weight loss plan

"People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals / that is, goals that do not inspire them." -Anthony Robbins-

I am excited to be able to help you create goals that inspire you to lose the weight you want to once and for all. I have so much to share with you to ensure that you succeed.

Why is it, if you have two people following the exact same diet, one loses weight and the other doesn't?

Because every-"Body" is different, everyone has a different metabolism, different food cravings, eating habits, lifestyle, and amount of exercise they do.

This is why the best weight loss plan is one that is personalized for you, your lifestyle, And  your body type. 

What is your body type?

healthy diet plan

Learn about metabolism - what slows it down, what increases it.

One of the best ways to lose weight is to learn how to eliminate cravings and find balance. How do you feel after you eat? Still hungry? Satisfied and full? Sleepy, heavy, depressed? Chances are you are not eating what is right for you.

There is much you can do if you have sweet cravings. Most of us tend to eat far too many refined carbohydrates and sweets. Checking the glycemic index of foods is very important but can sometimes be misleading.

Learn about the best breakfast for weight loss.

Get 6 great summer health tips here

Weight loss programs were estimated to bring in 58 billion in the US in 2010. There are no lack of money-making gimmicks, fads, diet pills and plans out there.

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best weight loss plan

Hello! My name is Sue-Anne Hickey and I am a Certified Naturopath, and weight loss specialist, practicing around the world by Skye, Zoom, phone or face time and in the West Island of Montreal and with an office at:

482 Beaconsfield Blvd., Beaconsfield, QC H9W 4C4

Call me at 514-577-1963 or contact me to learn how I can help you lose weight naturally. I have great results with consultations by Skype as well! 

What works and what doesn't? OK let's get started!

The Causes of Weight Gain:

If you know the reasons why you have gained weight it is much easier to then determine exactly the right weight loss solution for you. If you are looking for a magic pill for quick weight loss,  I am sorry but you are in the wrong place, please look somewhere else. Studies show that in 95% of cases of rapid weight loss, the lost weight, and often more, is regained in 6 months.

The key to the best weight loss plan and maintaining a healthy weight is to have a healthy diet plan according to your own body type, energy levels and lifestyle. Learn to slowly implement changes and be able keep them long term, like, the rest of your life!

The best weight loss plan ensures that you lose weight slowly and keep it off permanently.

The body is constantly bombarded by chemicals in the form of pollution, pesticides on our food, etc. These toxins accumulate in the body and they may be the main reason you can not lose weight. A detox for weight loss may be the perfect tool to jump-start your weight loss. We will determine exactly what you and your body needs to ensure you lose weight.

Weight gain causes can be either external or internal.

External factors are:

Internal factors are those that we have control over:

Now looking at the lists, ask yourself this question...

Why did you gain weight?

Often weight loss is a protection. What are you protecting your self from? What pain happened in the past that you still feel the need to protect yourself?

What was happening in your life when you gained weight? Were you going through a stressful period? Yes, stress does cause weight gain. Did you simply slip into poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle?

Sometimes there is an emotional reason - a loss, a disappointment, unhappiness, unresolved emotional issues. Weight gain is often caused by an imbalance.

What is unbalanced in your life?

What needs to be balanced?

Weight loss is usually thought of as a battle, "the battle of the bulge." A battle against whom?

Often we are fighting against ourselves!

For your best weight loss plan...

you must think of gaining health rather than losing weight.

Our body is talking to us, it knows what is good for us.

The pharmaceutical industry would like us to believe that they have all the solutions and preventative measures. The food industry is spending millions to tell us that refined foods are good for us. But rather than be influenced by them, do what you need to connect to yourself, your emotions, your body, mind and spirit so you can know what is good for You.

Place your focus on forming new positive habits, which will help. Learn about stress and weight gain. 

Love is at the heart
of many problems and solutions.

maintaining a healthy weight
  • Love of self
  • love of your life
  • love of the people who surround us
  • Love of where we live and work
  • children
  • animals
  • volunteer work

Base yourself in love and be positive,
affirm positive things.

To burn fat, energy must be circulating, this is very important. Love must be in our life. If there is no love, blockages result and energy stops circulating.

If there are blockages you need to work out from your past in order to get your positive energy circulating, then seek professional help. You must move slowly into following your best weight loss plan. One thing leads to another using moderation and balance. Making too many changes too rapidly can place enormous stress on your body and you. Find harmony, balance, and fill yourself with love and you will succeed.

“ Sue-Anne has a great, holistic approach, healing your body and your soul at the same time, enabling you to find out the real reason as to why you overeat and have issues with weight."

Tanya Z.

What's Your Best Weight Loss Plan?

If you would like to know the best time to eat certain types of foods for your body type in order to lose weight, my Natural Ways to Lose Weight Ebook can help you do just that.

natural ways to lose weight

One of the most important aspects of weight loss, is to eat smaller meals when your metabolism is slowest and bigger meals when your metabolism is highest and you can easily burn it off.

You will learn exactly what foods are best to eat and when for your type!

You will learn why trying to follow other diets hasn't worked for you.

By learning how to eat right for my body type, I completely transformed my health and I stareted helping all my clients do the same.  Contact me today, with my bodytypology signature program I can help you unroot and let go of all of the blocks that have been preventing your weight loss.

Call me to find out more at 514-577-1963, 

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