How to Handle Your
Food Craving

What's your favorite food craving? 

All of the above?

Food Craving Relief

Have you ever tried to follow a diet and watched your cravings spiral completely out of control until you finally succumb? No surprise in that at all, since when you don't give your body what it needs, you become deficient and unbalanced and your cravings increase. Your cravings can sometimes be caused by a lack of water but usually by a lack of nutrients.

It makes sense then, that if you are on a diet, trying to reduce calories and depriving yourself of certain foods, whether it be protein, carbs or simply eating less, your cravings will increase. If you are trying to lose weight, the best thing to do is eat a balanced, healthy diet. The only foods to avoid would be junk food, sweets and food with little nutritional value.

Reasons for food cravings:

  • A psychological reason; sadness, loneliness, not enough love, craving love
  • Stress
  • Health issues, diabetes, often craving fat or sugar
  • Hypogycemia, craving sugar
  • Thyroid or adrenal imbalances, craving sugar
  • Candida albicans, craving sugar

Some vegans or vegetarians crave sweets due to a lack of protein, or they may have difficulty in digesting their protein. When we eat a diet low in protein our stomach produces less hydrochloric acid, so when we increase protein it becomes difficult to digest. A simple protein digestive aid, taken for a few months, will help. I had a real sweet tooth when I was vegetarian for 16 years and the transition to eating poultry and fish was easy with a protein digestive aid supplement.

As stated in sugar withdrawal, increasing protein and decreasing sweets is the key to reducing sweet cravings.

The better you eat the more you will crave good, healthy food. You will begin to have cravings for salads and vegetables, I kid you not! Then you will know you are more balanced. If you don't eat enough, depriving yourself, then your cravings increase and it becomes worse. You must nourish your body with healthy foods.

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