How to Boost Self Esteem 

What does learning how to boost self esteem have to do with weight loss?

Do you find yourself determined, that this time it’s going to work, you will eat healthy and lose the weight, only to find you’re soon reaching for unhealthy snacks and you’re not even hungry?

Or your resolve to get out and move your body just got up and went... right out the window?

A pic of a woman eating junk food to show you the importance of self love to learn how to boost self esteem

I know how that feels, I get it, I work with clients who struggle with this all the time too. 

It all comes back to self love, self worth, self esteem, because without that, we have a hard time with self care.

The topic of self worth, how to boost self esteem comes up all the time in my practice as a naturopath, especially with my weight loss clients. Learning how to boost self esteem is something that even the biggest CEOs of huge companies struggle with.

The top three things to learn how to boost self esteem

There are 3 things to do to help boost self esteem. Let's get started.

1. How to Boost Self Esteem? Pull out your lack of self worth by the roots! 

Everyone knows, if you want to get rid of a weed, like a dandelion, you need to pull it out by the roots or it is going to come right back!

The same is true for your lack of self esteem. You must go back to where it stems from, and understand and let go of the original reason or incident, when the negative thought was planted in you long ago.

A pic of dandelion to show you the importance of self-love and pulling out the negative roots of lack of self love to learn how to boost self esteem

What were you told as a child?

Were you encouraged and admired and told that you could achieve anything your heart desired? Or were you criticized, made aware of your shortcomings?

Did your self worth take a huge blow?

Did you take a decision at the time, to shut down, play small or protect yourself?

I built huge thick walls around myself before I learned how to boost self esteem

A pic of a wall  to show you the importance of self-love and breaking down the walls to learn how to boost self esteem

When I was 30 I went to see a medium, a spiritual counselor, and she told me, “I want to go back to a time around puberty, you took a decision then, what was going on?”

 I said I wasn’t sure and we continued to talk about other things, but she brought the conversation back again.

 “When you were 12 or 13, what happened at that time?” 

I replied, “Well, that was when I found out from a friend that my dad had gotten remarried, my parents’ divorce went through, the house was sold, we moved and I had to change schools.”

She said, “You took a decision then, if I don’t let anyone get close to me, they can’t hurt me.” 

I burst into tears. “Shyness, that was when I became painfully shy!'' I said.

 I had always wondered and questioned why I had become so shy! Now that I knew why, I was able to start to let go of that past negative conditioning. Having figured out why I had taken that decision, that I had held on to for So long, I was now able to start taking down the big, thick brick walls I had built around myself. I could now start slowly increasing my self esteem and self worth. It was my first step to learn how to boost self esteem. 

2. How to Boost Self Esteem by Changing Negative Thoughts

I grew up with a lot of criticism, and I developed a pattern to constantly criticize myself and spiral into worry and despair.

Here's an email conversation I had with my awesome business coach Clint Best about 2 1/2 yeas ago.


"Did I tell you that I tend to worry way too much? Bad habit this yoga teacher has!  Biking, skiing and worrying /stressing are some of the things I do well."


"I think you’re right, it is a habit, and you can change a habit. Do you want to be a “worrier”? Or would you like to be something different? What kind of a person doesn’t worry?"


"A person that is self confident, relaxed and has complete trust that the universe always brings her exactly what she needs, exactly when she needs it."


Beautifully put girl! Write that down and put it on your bathroom mirror.

“I am a self-confident, relaxed person who has complete trust that the universe always brings me exactly what I need, when I need it.”


"You're good!

And so I did write it down and put it in front of my computer, where I spend a good part of each day, and I slowly learned to transform my negative thought pattern into a positive one.  Now I help my clients do the same.

You can also use the same exercise.

What negative thoughts are you telling yourself?

How can you flip that around into a positive statement and  turn it into your mantra.

Turn your self criticism into self love. Give it a try. It is an extremely powerful, life transforming exercise. 

3. How to Boost Self Esteem By Finding the Core Reason

A pic of a heart with self love to show you the importance of self love to learn how to boost self esteem

When we go back and find the core reason for our past choices we can have the “Ah Ha!” moments that then trigger huge releases and breakthroughs. This is essential to learn how to boost self esteem. 

When we are young we take decisions to help us cope with difficult situations:

  • You might’ve decided that the world is a scary place and that you need to be fearful. 
  • You might’ve been criticized and believed those negative comments to be true. 
  • You might’ve decided that you need to control everything in order to be safe. 

What did you tell yourself?

No doubt it helped you at the time, but it is no longer serving you.

Start poking holes in the decision you made in the past, let go of it. Know that we are all perfectly imperfect human beings.  Love yourself in all of your human-ness. 

When you begin to love yourself, then you will find it so much easier to take care of yourself, make yourself and your health a priority, and weight loss will naturally happen. 

And also, here is a powerful but simple exercise to do. 

“ Sue-Anne has a great, holistic approach, healing your body and your soul at the same time, enabling you to find out the real reason as to why you overeat and have issues with weight."

Tanya Z.

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Hi, my name is Sue-Anne Hickey, I'm a certified naturopath, weight loss specialist and creator of Bodytypology. For over 28 years, nutrition, healthy eating , healthy lifestyle has been a passion of mine. I love helping my clients break through the barriers, that are holding the weight in place.

Helping my clients with weight loss I learned that the most important thing to do was to help them boost self esteem. I then incorporated all kinds of exercises, fun things to discover and do, to teach them exactly how to boost self esteem.

Plus, I am a licensed R.T.T. practitioner. It stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy. A powerful and efficient modality that uncovers the root cause of limiting beliefs. We release them, reframe them and create permanent new beliefs and a more positive mindset, that align with your desires.

The results are nothing short of spectacular! It is the Key ingredient, along with the body type plan to ensure your lasting weight loss success. 

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