Stress and Weight Gain
How to Kick-Start Natural Weight Loss Remedies

Stress and weight gain go hand in hand. Natural weight loss remedies include stress management and managing financial worries.

Some people eat less when stressed and lose weight, but many tend to eat more. Stress triggers the adrenal glands to release cortisol. This regulates blood pressure and the metabolism of carbohydrates, but it can also build fat around the midsection.

Learn stress management tips and powerful deep abdominal breathing for stress relief.

Stress and weight gain

In the October 2010 edition of Prevention Magazine, Anne Underwood interviewed financial expert Suze Orman. She discussed the fascinating correlation between weight gain and the stress over unpaid bills. In 1999 while researching her book, Orman discovered that generally there was a 2 pound weight gain for every 1,000$ of debt. Women who were overweight by 10 pounds were hiding 5,000$ worth of credit card debt from their husbands.

She considers that the shame can be one of the causes of weight gain. People tend to comfort themselves with food. I believe that the constant stress also increases eating and weight gain.

Orman explains that financial stress and weight gain go together. If you are not balancing your check book and not knowing where your money is going, chances are you are not conscious of what you are putting into your mouth either.

A desire to be in control of your life

According to Orman, when the pleasure of being fit is greater than the pleasure of eating junk food, then changes will start to take place. Likewise, when the pleasure of having savings is greater than the pleasure of spending, your finances will be more in order.

How to start losing weight? When you realize you don’t want those shoes or the second helping because they won’t make you feel good, you begin to make changes.

When people feel empty they may try to fill up by eating or spending, it’s all about feeling good about yourself and who you are.

Alleviate Financial Stress and Natural Weight Loss Remedies

Reducing debt can be similar to reducing your waistline.

Keep track of your spending, keeping all receipts and becoming clear on exactly where and what you are spending your money on, or what you are eating and when. Keep a food journal.

Once you have the patterns, see where you can trim your spending or notice when you are overeating. Make small changes slowly. Invoke the 24 hour rule - if you feel the urge to spend, wait a day.

Find more ideas with weight gain causes and healthy eating guidelines. 

Expect lapses and keep on going.

Imagine the wonderful feeling of being healthier, lighter and on your way to financial freedom!

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