Pituitary Body Type 

There are not many Pituitary body types. About twenty per cent or less is this type. The percentage is higher in Asia. Pituitary types are the intellectuals with an active mind and curiosity.

The Pituitary Type is one of the 4 body types

Adrenal Body Type

Thyroid Body Type

Pear Body Type or Gonad Body Type

Pituitary Body Type

Energy Levels 

The Pituitary Body Type is a morning person. Getting up at five in the morning, you are tired at night. You need very little sleep

Personality Traits of the Pituitary Body type

You are the quiet thinking type with superior intellectual capacity who lives in your head. You reason, evaluate, analyze, compare, and judge. 

You are a mathematician, analyst, statistician, actuary, ambassador, mediator, professor or psychologist. You focus on your thoughts. You love chess. 

You’re also the philosopher: imaginative, reflective, calm, supple, esoteric; your passion is in the abstract world. You have a vivid imagination. You don’t talk much. You are introverted and you are only sociable if others demand it of you. So you may seem distant, even cold. You are happier in your own world rather than in the outside world. The pituitary is the gland of reason, the gland that regulates and creates stability. You may take advantage of situations by using your strength and your possibilities. 

You tend to have a lot of insecurities. You need a faithful partner, a stable relationship, and you need to avoid stressful situations. You reflect a long time before you make a decision. You reflect in your head instead of facing your emotions. You are not very solid emotionally. 

What exhausts you: emotional discussions, emotional confrontations, cooking, animals, appointments with the doctor, and working with your hands because you prefer to work with your head.  

You need to learn to socialize, to welcome and face your feelings, to come out of your head, to be more concerned about others. You need to learn to be able to confront others without fearing a negative outcome. You need to learn to take action. 

Food Cravings

You tend to be vegetarian. You don’t care much for cooking and you find it a waste of time.

Cravings are more inclined to dairy, ice cream, creamy sauces, and any foods that can be accompanied by a glass of milk, toast, cookies, etc. These foods likely include the following: 

  • Sorbet
  • Cottage cheese
  • Sugary sweets
  • Honey
  • Cookies
  • Fruits

At four in the afternoon, you need to eat or nap. 

You eat when you are feeling emotional.

Physical Traits

Pituitary body types have a baby face; you look younger than your age with very soft smooth skin. You have delicate hands and feet and fine hair. Pituitary-type women have small chests. You have rounded shoulders with your head leaning slightly forward and small buttocks.

You tend to gain weight all over. The fat is soft, baby fat

You do not have much physical endurance and you perspire a lot after little effort.  

Common Ailments

You likely battle with diseases involving excess mucous due to eating too much dairy, which increases mucous. 

You are also prone to allergies, colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, excess mucous, joint pain, and obsessive compulsive disorders. You are too cerebral and you do not use your intuition enough. Problems with the spinal column and shoulders are also common. You tend to not have much interest in sex. 

You cannot eat large quantities or you will get heartburn. 

Your digestion is good, but it tends to be slow at night. You have difficulty digesting at night. 

Weight Loss For the Pituitary Body Type

Pituitary Body Type

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