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Natural Health, Issue #006 -- The Best Sea Salt
June 24, 2011

Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Recently, I added a page to my website about sun dried sea salt. During consultations I realized that most of my clients believe that sea salt is better for us than table salt. What they don't realize is that most sea salt is still refined, heated to 2000 Centigrade, making it unhealthy for the body. It is devoid of almost all minerals. It is irritating, an unnatural substance that causes inflammation.

It is easy to consume too much salt by eating packaged foods or when eating in restaurants. The body treats this kind of table salt as a poison and usually you get very thirsty, causing you to drink more to flush this toxin from the body.

Many of my clients tell me that they don't add salt to anything, but we need some salt. Adding sun dried sea salt to your food is actually beneficial to the body and to blood pressure.

Sun dried sea salt is high in minerals and is easily assimilated. By eating foods in their most natural state possible we stay healthy and strong.

French Celtic sea salt from Brittany is the best sea salt to buy. It is slightly grey in color and a little moist. Sel Marin de Guérande, Le Paludier can be found in most grocery stores and in any natural health food store.

pH testing with analysis.

Often our pH levels are unbalanced due to our fast paced lifestyles. A body that is overly acidic is one that is in a weakened state and prone to disease. I know first hand. Years ago my acidity levels were practically off the charts. I learned how to reduce my acidity, my eczema finally disappeared and my strength and stamina sky rocketed.

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To your natural health!

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