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Natural Health, Issue #035 -- I'm Changing my Newsletter Provider
November 13, 2013

I'm Switching
Newsletter Providers

I hope this finds you healthy!

My business is expanding all the time! I have been giving conferences, doing some networking, getting my health articles in the newspaper. I have many more clients and subscribers to this newsletter.

Which means it's time to change over my newsletter provider to Aweber to better serve you.

Tomorrow, (Thursday November 14th) you'll receive an email from me with Natural Health in the headline, asking you to opt in to confirm your subscription.

I have so much more to share with you! I am going to be doing lots of short videos, writing more ebooks, sharing recipes and more!

Please be sure to confirm your subscription to continue receiving my health newsletters.

Cut through the overwhelming amounts of health advice and discover the essential health solutions you need! My 20+ years passion about nutrition, 6 years of study to become a Naturopath and my ongoing research, provide you with the latest health news in my monthly e-zine.

Dry Skin Cure

Here's a quick, simple tip for those of you who suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter months.

Rub organic, unrefined, first cold pressed sesame oil all over your body. (Don't worry, it's odorless) Take a shower. No need for soap, the extra oil will rinse off easily and you will not feel oily. Your skin wil be soft and super moisturized, naturally.

Article about acidity and me
in the Montreal Gazette!

Check out June Thompson's column in the Montreal Gazette this Monday Novmeber 18th.

She interviewed me about acidity in the body, about my year and a half, solo journey around the world as well as my journey towards health. It should be a fun article.

To your natural health!

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