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Natural Health, Issue #004 -- Healthy Breakfast Foods
April 23, 2011

Is Cereal a Good Breakfast Choice?

A brief history of cereal:

In the late 1800’s Dr. John Kellogg recognized that many of his patients were not getting enough fiber. He created the first breakfast cereal, Shredded Wheat. This is still one of the most healthy breakfast cereals as it is whole grain and has no added sugar.

His brother Will Kellogg, saw a potential business opportunity and created Corn Flakes. Dr. John didn’t like it, as it was high in sugar and there wasn’t enough fiber, but the cold breakfast cereal industry had begun and quickly became a booming industry.

The trouble with breakfast cereals is that they are almost always high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup. They are made with refined grains, so many are low in fiber. Some contain partially hydrogenated oils and most are “fortified” with highly synthetic forms of iron and vitamins. BHA and BHT is added to packaging materials. They spike our glycemic levels up, to be followed by the ensuing energy crash. They do not fill us up for long or give us the lasting energy and nutritional boost we need to start our day.

A better breakfast alternative depends on your body's specific natural needs and your metabolic-energy type. Everyone is different, you need to find what is right for you. More about this in an e-book I will be writing this summer.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Are you a morning person? High energy in the morning and early to bed works best for you. If you find that no matter what you eat you are hungry again by 10:30 AM, a high protein breakfast works best for you. 2 eggs, soft boiled or poached would be good. (keeping the yolks runny has a negligible effect on cholesterol) This should keep you full and satisfied longer and give you more balanced energy all day. A breakfast high in protein is also good for those who constantly crave sweets.

If you are a little slower in the morning, can easily sleep in on the weekends and do not feel very hungry in the morning, a small breakfast could be right for you and keep you going right up until lunch. A small fruit or a very small bowl of a healthy kind of cereal such as one made by Nature’s Path would be a good choice. Check the sugar content, make sure it is under 5 grams.

Often, when people in this second category eat a big breakfast with bacon and eggs, it triggers them to be hungrier and eat more all day long.

Your Body's Natural Needs

Of course it also depends on your lifestyle and what kind of activities you have planned for the day. A much better alternative to cold cereal is old fashioned slow cooked oats, steel cut oats or a homemade muesli or granola.

You have your own individual needs. Be aware of your body and how you feel after you eat certain foods. Listen to what it is telling you to find the best breakfast for you.

Home Made Granola

A healthy and tasty alternative to packaged cereals. This makes a huge amount, 1/2 the recipe if you want. Use organic ingredients as much as possible.

10 cups old fashioned oats (or add some some spelt or kamut flakes)

2 cups first pressed cold canola oil
1 cup honey warmed together

2 cups oats
2 cups wheat germ
2 cups sunflower seeds
2 cups walnuts chopped very small
2 cups pecans chopped very small
2 cups almond slivers
3-4 heaping tbsp cinnamon
Mix well with oil and honey
Bake at 150F (lowest temperature) for 8 hours in a glass or stainless bowl (this is because it is not healthy to eat oils cooked at high temperatures)
In the meantime prepare 2 cups each of the following Chopped Organic:
Dried cranberries

While the granola mix is still warm from the oven mix in the dried fruit. Keep in an airtight container and/or freeze the remainder for up to 3 months.

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