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Natural Health, Issue #001 -- Lose fat by eating good fats
January 23, 2011

Did you know that you need to eat good fats in order to lose fat?

However…good fats and oils must be in their raw, natural state.

What happens if they’re not…and how do we ensure that they are?

A natural, raw fat has what is called a Cis configuration; this means that a slight electrical charge gives it a natural bend in its shape. This is important because when it enters your body the natural bend is like the right puzzle piece that fits exactly into the puzzle. But when the oil is modified, it no longer has this healthy Cis configuration. It now has a trans configuration and the body treats it as a foreign substance, in effect it becomes a trans fat.

Trans fats clog arteries.

How is the structure of oil modified?

  • Heating
  • Hydrogenation
  • Refining (see my website page for more about refined oils )
  • So yes, every time you heat oil on high in a frying pan you are turning it into a trans fat. Oils bought in the grocery store are highly refined. Oils or fats in all packaged or processed foods, baked goods, condiments, restaurant food, etc, are refined, modified, or hydrogenated.

    How ironic that margarine was created as a healthy alternative to butter and Becel promotes itself as “heart healthy.” Nothing could be further from the truth!

    The healthiest oils and natural fats:

    The best oils are extra virgin olive oil and oils that are first pressed cold. These are oils that have not been refined or heated above 40 C or 140 F. You can find them in the natural health food store.

    Healthy natural fats can be found in raw, organic seeds, such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and raw nuts, such as almonds. When roasted at high temperatures the Cis configuration is transformed which is why they are best raw.

    With healthy fats in a meal or snack, the stomach stays fuller longer and blood sugar rises more slowly. The more you choose foods and fats in their natural state the healthier you will be!

    Better Butter Recipe:

    2 cups extra virgin olive oil
    2 cups butter
    Blend in a blender, keep refrigerated

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