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Natural Health, Issue #009 -- Natural Antibiotics
September 26, 2011

Heal Infections Naturally

Last week Tim (not his real name) came to see me with his mom. She had called me saying he was suffering from many food allergies. He was so cute, a great kid. But when I asked him how life was going so far, instead of giving me a thumbs up, he gave me a thumbs sideways. Meaning life was so-so but not great as it should be at 8 years old, which broke my heart. The reason? He had been sick so often.

Suffering from many ear infections early on, he had been given antibiotics repeatedly. There were yearly bouts of bronchitis and yet more antibiotics at least twice a year. This in turn had weakened him and caused asthma and trips to the hospital with difficulty breathing. His mom admitted that his diet was pretty high in sugar which did not help matters, as sugar depresses the immune system. Last year he suffered from pneumonia and now his weakened immune system was causing the food allergies and candida, an overabundance of yeast.

Of course antibiotics are necessary and invaluable, however there are many alternatives available, because while they stop the infection they also weaken the immune system resulting in recurring infections. If you do take antibiotics be sure to take a high quality probiotic for 3 months to rebuild your intestinal flora and healthy bacteria.

Unfortunately Tim's mom did not know of the amazing antibiotic properties of garlic.

Natural cure for ear infection

Peel a clove of garlic, place it in a very small amount of water in a pot and heat to let the juices escape. Cool to room temperature. Turn the head sideways, place a few drops in the ear and allow to sit about 5 minutes. Do the other ear.

If you catch the ear infection at the beginning you can easily cure it this way, no need for antibiotics.

Natural antibiotics

I have helped many clients heal infections and serious ailments such as Shingles, etc, very quickly using natural products and dietary changes. Colloidal silver is an excellent natural antibiotic. Silver is used in wounds in hospitals to prevent infection.

Products containing Astragalus root are also very beneficial in boosting a weakened immune system.

The body has the natural ability to heal itself when given the proper tools. Tim is young so he will heal quickly. With his mom on board to prepare healthier meals and snacks and some supplements to boost his immune system he is sure to be giving us the thumbs up before long!

You can find more information about how to strengthen immune system on my site.

To your natural health!

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