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Natural Health, Issue #034 --Natural Treatment for Eczema
October 20, 2013

Natural Treatment for Eczema

I love it when a young client returns and when I ask him how he is I get a big thumbs up!

Alex is ten years old and he came to see me with his mother one month ago. He was suffering from severe eczema on his arms, legs and torso. His mom had been using the corticosteroid creams the doctor had prescribed, but the eczema kept on getting worse. It was so bad that he was scratching in his sleep until he bled. His skin was red, raw and painful.

Going over his diet, he was eating a lot of cookies, sweets, refined, packaged foods, and drinking lots of juice, Yop yogurt drinks high in sugar. He had taken antibiotics more than 5 times for infections.

Diet is key

I made a lot of suggestions to his mom about healthy eating,

To reduce:
  • sweets
  • sugar
  • white foods
  • processed foods
  • milk
  • juice
  • cookies
  • etc

  • To increase vegetables
  • try bread and pasta made with spelt or kamut
  • find healthier snacks
  • try an egg for breakfast
  • drink more water
  • etc

I suggested a couple of key supplements, aloe vera gel topically and the best cream for eczema Nature, Balance, Wellness, NBW's Magic Marigold Body Butter, containing organic calendula. I also gave him some Bach Flower Remedies to help heal the emotional side.

The eczema home remedy worked!

When Alex came back his skin had completely healed! He had followed most of my diet suggestions and was eating fewer sweets. His mom remarked that he was more calm and balanced! But most important he was happy and no longer suffering.

There are many causes of eczema, food allergies, a weak digestive system or a weak liver, an overly acidic body, poor diet, anxiety from separation. Many people think that there isn’t any cure, but there is! I know, as I had eczema on my hands for over 20 years and I cured myself naturally.

Follow a natural treatment for eczema and cure your eczema for ever.

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To your natural health!

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