Free Clean Carbs Challenge!

Starting soon
Nourish your body every day - 3 days in a row -
& drop the pounds!

Get ready for fun daily prompts to teach you how to replace ordinary carbs with healthier alternatives at lunch. 

How it works 

The Clean Carbs Challenge starts

Wednesday September 7th.

Each day you can join live or watch the replays sent to you by email, with tips and tricks of incorporating healthy carbs and making them delicious 

It's online - Live videos every day in the Women Losing Weight Facebook Group every day at 1 PM EST

BONUS!  - Finish with an Amazing  Live Webinar -  about healthy carbs and eating right for your Body Type. Because one size fits all Never works

Five reasons to sign up for the clean carbs challenge

1. Easily stop unhealthy snacking in between meals

By replacing ordinary carbs with nutritionally dense alternatives, nourishing your body and keeping you full and satisfied in between meals, so you won't be looking for snacks!  

2. Learn  how to make healthy carbs taste delicious! 

Nothing will change if it doesn't give you pleasure.

You'll get yummy recipes and tons of tips and tricks abut making your carbs tasty for the whole family to enjoy. Also, join us Live and get All your questions answered

3. Open to everyone:

No matter where you're at on your path to wellness, you'll learn things you can implement right away,  drop the pounds and see the benefits. Although the FB group is for women only, you'll get the daily replays sent to you. 

4. Daily Encouragement:

Pop into the Women Losing weight support group - once a day- or more if you want to post your latest victory, read people's updates, give and receive encouragement. Real support from like minded people. 

5. Bonus: Live Webinar all about healthy carbs & Eating  Right For Your Body Type 

One size fits all Never works! Join us to learn about body type eating and how to easily drop the pounds you want to. Monday march 28th at 1 PM. 

a pic of the 4 body types

Your next move 

Sign up for the Clean Carbs Challenge ...

 then check your inbox for a confirmation note. Contact if you have any questions. 

See you soon! 

About Sue-Anne 

Sue-Anne Hickey is a Certified Naturopath and weight loss specialist. 

Her passion is in helping her clients heal their ailments naturally, lose weight, and regain their energy and happiness using her personalized body type plan, Bodytypology: System for Lasting Weight Loss. Sue-Anne combines this with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to uncover limiting beliefs and release them, creating permanent change and deep healing.

When she’s not coaching clients or leading groups, she loves biking, skiing and being in nature. 

A few testimonials

"We have always used converted white rice. Tried the brown rice this week and the whole family thought it tasted better. Also tried Spelt pasta and enjoying buckwheat bread. Thanks Sue-Anne!"

"I am doing well, feeling good and weight is going down. Do not feel so hungry between meals anymore. Thanks for your help."