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 An amazing, information packed event based on 30 years of expertise by leading Naturopath,  Sue-Anne Hickey

Looking and feeling amazing with tons
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My Live Masterclass is the perfect place to learn how...

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Say goodbye to low energy, overweight, inflammation & aches and pains.

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Here's what You'll Learn!

1. How acidity can eat away at the body like rust on a car & how to reduce acidity 

When I started testing my acidity as a naturopath, I was off the charts. I had to learn how to reduce my acidity in a hurry or face the consequences of arthritis,  inflammation, disease and more.  

2. What foods to eat and which are foods are the most inflammatory and age inducing. 

As well as how to optimize digestion, because you are what you eat, absorb and assimilate. 

3. Fun easy things to do to reverse the aging process. 

  • Essential vitamins and supplements and which ones to avoid
  • The importance of posture
  • Healthy glowing skin
  • And other simple quick tips you can integrate into your day 

4. How to determine your body type & Actionable tips on eating for your type  

Your personality, cravings, food preferences, ailments your most prone to, I discuss each type in detail. Eating right for my body type was the single most transformational thing I did for my health and my life. It can be the same for you. 

Pic of the 4 body types

5. How to maintain your healthy habits

 How many times have you started a new healthy habit and it only lasts a week or two? We'll look at the formula for change and how to stay motivated long term.

You'll have all the keys you need to ensure your long-term success. 

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About Sue-Anne Hickey 

Sue-Anne Hickey is a Certified Naturopath and weight loss specialist. 

Her passion is in helping her clients heal their ailments naturally, lose weight, and regain their energy and happiness using her personalized body type plan, Bodytypology: System for Lasting Weight Loss. Sue-Anne combines this with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) to uncover limiting beliefs and release them, creating permanent change and deep healing.

When she’s not coaching clients, leading groups or cooking up a healthy dish, she loves biking, kayaking, skiing and being in nature.