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Natural Health, Issue #028 -- Ear Infection Home Remedy
March 16, 2013

Ear Infection Home Remedy

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This month's ezine is about a home remedy for ear infections, natural antibiotcs and probiotics.

A woman contacted me recently for a consultation for her child. Her 5 year old son began having recurrent ear infections as an infant and was given antibiotics repeatedly. Of course it wasn’t long before the antibiotics stopped having any effect. They also performed surgery, inserting a small tube to air out the inner ear. This is now considered routine surgery!

That didn’t help either. The antibiotics wiped out the proper balance of his intestinal flora. He now has huge digestive issues and similar to many people who have taken too many antibiotics, he is probably experiencing leaky gut syndrome. Many people also develop candida albicans, an overabundance of yeast in the body after upsetting the intestinal flora by taking antibiotics repeatedly.

My heart just breaks for these children as they end up so sick and unhappy when this could have been avoided. Luckily kids heal quickly and with a few changes to his diet and some supplements he will be feeling better soon.

Home Remedy For Ear Infections

At the very first sign of an ear infection take a clove of garlic, peel it and put it in a small pot with just a little water, allow to heat and soften and crush it with a fork. Allow the liquid to cool to room temperature. Put a few drops in the ear and let it stay in there for 5 minutes. The ear infection will be gone.

Natural Antibiotics

If you have not caught an infection right at the beginning you can use a natural antibiotic. Colloidal silver in gel or liquid form is excellent. Hospitals use colloidal silver in wounds to prevent infection.

Nature’s Sunshine makes two excellent colloidal silver products that I sell. Contact me for more info. They are perfect to have on hand for kids or adults to clear up any infection. I also use the gel as a natural eyemake remover, it's completely safe for the eyes.


There is a need for antibiotics for some infections but unfortunately they are oversubscribed. If you take antibiotics make sure you take a high quality probiotic supplement as soon as you start the antibiotic and continue taking them for three months. This will ensure you rebuild your intestinal flora. Even though the advertisements would like you to think so, yogurt does not do this.

And of course, the most important thing is to determine the reason why your immune system was compromised, causing the infection in the first place.

To your natural health!

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