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Natural Health, Issue #010 -- Healthy Living Tips
October 22, 2011

Natural Health and You

One of my yoga students recently posted on Facebook that her 4 month old infant son had an ear infection. He was taking medication but didn’t seem himself, what could she do? There were many suggestions, including my recommendation of a few drops of garlic juice in the ear as a natural antibiotic. (See last month’s newsletter)

A few posts suggested more medication and one insisted, “If you have a headache you take something. Give him some Tempra!” This showed me that many still have the mindset that if something is wrong, ignore the symptoms and pop a pill to make it go away.

Too often we think of illness as something we should wage war on.
Disease is our enemy:
We suppress symptoms by taking medication.
We fight cancer.
We kill infection.
We destroy yeast or parasites.

We have a “disease care” system, rather than a “health-care” system. People think that if they are not wearing a hospital gown they are healthy. It is evident that this isn’t working very well.

Path to Healing

I believe that the path to health lies in disease prevention rather than disease intervention. As Robert Frost wrote in The road not taken, “I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Often I feel like I am on a path that is taken by few. I eat a very healthy diet. I learned exactly what to eat and when and what my specific body type needs to maintain optimal health and heal naturally. I completely transformed my health. Because of this, every year I gain strength and stamina and my energy is 10 on 10 all day every day. This is my goal for my clients.

Nutrition is about nurturing yourself with high quality, nutritious foods. Paying attention to how food makes you feel. Learning what changes you need to make to increase health and strength.

Ask yourself these questions on your road to optimal health.

What can I do to be healthier?
What can I do to have more energy?
What can I do to help my body heal?
How can I take better care of my body?

It isn’t about fighting disease it’s about nurturing health. As a Naturopath I determine the cause of your ailments and suggest the tools needed to support your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

This is my passion and joy as I watch the life changing transformation occur in my clients. If you need some help along your road to health, please contact me.

To your natural health!

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