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Do You Long to Lose Weight
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Our body has a unique ability to heal itself when given the proper tools.

First ...
determine the cause of your ailment,

and then...
follow the simple steps towards health, healing and well being!

You can heal your ailments and lose weight by eating right for your body type

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Natural health.... naturally!

My name is Sue-Anne Hickey and healthy eating and using natural healing methods has been my passion for over 25 years.

I am the creator of bodytypology, the body type system to lasting weight loss. 

Through 6 years of training and more than 1500 hours of studies I completely transformed my own health. Now, as a Certified Naturopath and weight loss specialist, I've helped hundreds of my  clients lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, cure their ailments, regain their health and  increase their energy! I do consultations by skype, face time, phone and in person.

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My passion is in helping others heal what ails them naturally.

My expertise

  1. Natural Weight Loss for your particular body type. Bodytyplogy! I wrote this amazing  Ebook because one size fits all Never works for dieting!
  2. How to Increase Energy. I used to have up and down energy and my energy would crash every afternoon. Now I have full out energy all day every day!
  3. pH testing and analysis. A body that is overly acidic is one that is prone to disease, inflammation, osteoporosis, skin conditions and more. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment.
  4. A holistic approach to alternative medicine. We view the body as a whole and consider the mental, physical and emotional factors that may be affecting your health.

Natural health also shows you how to:

  • Eat the right foods at the right times to alleviate your symptoms
  • Discover healthy alternatives to everyday foods
  • Choose natural remedies to common ailments
  • Be more balanced
  • Integrate exercise into your life and
  • Find inner peace and lasting happiness

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