4 cysts on the hip bone

by Edye
(Yakima WA)

The Doctor tells me that I have 4 cysts on the hip bone above the hip joint. They tell me I will need bone grafting on the joint, that the cysts have leaked into the joint and destroyed the cartilage due to the Arthritis. Can that all be restored naturally?

Is there anything that I can do with that? I am doing yoga, will that help the hip joint that needs replacing?

And also my knees hurt more than the hip! What is that about?


Sue-Anne's Reply:

As always it is challenging to help you out without doing a full consultation and getting to the cause of your problems. However there is much you can do. First starting with ensuring you are eating as healthy a diet as possible and drinking plenty of pure water. Fresh healthy whole foods, follow the advice for arthritis and inflammation on my site.

Check for any food intolerances. Avoid all refined, processed foods, anything containing white sugar or white flour, coffee, tea, or alcohol.

Take a high quality omega 3 supplement.

I would suggest a pH test, as a body that is overly acidic is one that is prone to disease and inflammation. It is important to do everything you can to reduce acidity.

Cysts are very often an indication of accumulated toxins, so a detox would be beneficial, provided you are strong enough. (a detox should never be done in a weakened state)

As for the yoga, it depends on the type of yoga, if you feel fine with it and it helps you relax and stretch, or if you are feeling pain. If it is aggravating the cysts then of course not a good idea.

I would think that there is also arthritis in your knees causing you pain.

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