Anxiety Attacks At Work

by Matt Neumann
(Portland, OR)

What's the best way to stop them? I seem to easily get an anxiety attack at work. I'm in the restaurant business and I'm surrounded by 100's of people at once. I know that's the culprit. It's kind of like too much going on at once. And then the anxiety sets in and it's really hard to shake it off. Eating helps, but carbs seem to make it worse. Any advice on what to do when an attack strikes? Any advice would be great, thanks!

Sue-Anne's Reply:
Having worked in the restaurant business many years ago, I can relate to the high levels of stress you are faced with. However I question why you are having anxiety attacks while others might remain calm under the same circumstances.

A consultation would help reveal if your adrenal glands are weak, which is highly possible if you are under high stress every day. Your liver might need some boosting, or perhaps there is an underlying emotional issue of unresolved anger or fears that are causing the attacks. We need to determine the cause to eliminate them permanently.

Yes, refined carbs will make things worse as they are a form of sugar and sugar is the worst thing for the nervous system. Eliminate refined sugar from your diet as much as possible. Eating protein would be better.

The B vitamins are very calming for the nervous system. I recommend a good quality Complex B that you take every day. B5 is excellent for anxiety. You take 750 mg 3 times per day on the days that you are working and lower the dose over time. This is a large amount, but by taking the Complex B combined with the B5 you do not unbalance your B vitamins and B5 has no toxicity.

Vitamin C will help the adrenals and increase energy, 500 mg per day. Ensure you buy your vitamins at a health food store, not in the pharmacy. Chamomile tea can help and please read my page on deep abdominal breathing, under stress management.

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