Arthritis - supplements or not?

by Jenny

My husband suffers with psoriatic arthritis, and has the condition from the neck down. Every joint. Winter is not pleasant, and can make him not pleasant to be around. I know it's not his fault. The children will learn that it's not their fault. However are there any supplements that can be recommended that will support his joints, and try to lessen the aches and shooting pains that he gets?

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Sue-Anne's Reply:

Yes there are supplements that can help, however it is necessary to find the underlying cause in order to remove the source of the psoriatic arthritis, rather than finding supplements that mask the pain as pain killers do. Of course a complete evaluation and history is necessary for me to determine a personal plan for your husband, but I will offer a few suggestions.

As a Naturopath I treat the whole person; otherwise improvement will be only slight or temporary. For example, how is his digestion? Is there a lot of stress in his life? How is his diet? Are his kidneys working well? Are there any food intolerances? Has he tried eliminating certain foods one at a time from his diet to see if there is any improvement?

Stress, anger and anxiety are very hard on the bones and joints. If your husband is an active participant in the process of recovery his prognosis will be more favorable.

When the inner environment of the body is unbalanced this puts a strain on the body. The body has to work harder at eliminating toxins and over many years, as this goes undetected it leads to disease. Often with Psoriasis the liver is not working as it should, or the colon is congested so the toxins are finding their way out through the skin. Arthritis is also a disease where toxins are accumulating and not being eliminated properly.

Usually a cleansing is necessary to eliminate toxins. Changes to the diet are key. A highly alkalinizing diet, with plenty of fresh vegetables is important. Eliminate fried foods and cooked oils, use only extra virgin olive oil or first pressed cold oils.

A good quality Complex B vitamin can help calm the nervous system.
Vitamin C acts as an anti inflammatory.
Omega 3s to increase healthy fats and help with inflammation.
Probiotics to ensure a healthy intestinal flora.
Digestive enzymes if needed.
Cat’s Claw, Fever-few and Ginger are all good for relieving arthritic pain.
Applying warm Castor oil to the inflamed joints can help.

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