Body type question

by Teri
(Fallon, NV)

I took a body type questionnaire online and it told me I was almost 50/50 Adrenal/Thyroid body type split. What do I do in that case? Follow one or the other or is there a combination diet program that fits this?

Thank you so much

Sue-Anne's Response:

Hi Teri,

Great question! I find it challenging to find a questionnaire to properly figure out body type. It can be an extensive process.

You can not be 2 types. Each person is only one. However, you could be an Adrenal Type with hypoglycemia and therefore you would need a Thyroid Type plan. How do you feel if a meal is delayed? If you answer, shaky, trembling, dizzy, unable to focus, extreme irritability and you suffer from over all fatigue, you could have hypoglycemia.

Other than that the Thyroid type who is up early 6 or 7, will be getting pretty tired by 10 or 11 max, while the Adrenal type usually is fine until midnight.

The thyroid type usually can not delay their meals, dinner needs to be around 6 while the adrenal type can easily delay a meal and dinner at 8 is fine for them.

The Thyroid type tends to gain weight around the middle, like a spare tire, the Adrenal type is in the belly and generally upper belly.

Older adrenal types will have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, some have skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Thyroid types go towards coffee and sugar to spike their energy up all day, Adrenal type go more towards red meat and french fries.

You can also check the full descriptions on my site and see which one sound most like you.

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