Cabbage Juice for Stomach

by Cheryl

Re the boiled cabbage juice-- I heard that cabbage juice needed to be raw with all the enzymes, etc. to heal ulcers. I have no idea if I have an ulcer but wanted to try it as I have acid reflux and stomach and intestinal gas, and I understand it helps all that.

But what is the reason for not having it raw? Will it work?

Sue-Anne's Reply:

I offer many suggestions on my site for different ailments. People can choose what they think will work for them. I believe diet is key for naturally healing what ails us.

Both raw cabbage juice or cooked cabbage juice is good for ulcers. Only a small amount of raw juice is needed, a few ounces, while the cooked cabbage juice requires 5 or 6 cups per day. Many people do not have a juice extractor, so of course cooked juice is the only option.

As always, you need to determine what is causing your acid reflux, stomach and intestinal gas. Have you tried eliminating certain foods to see if there is any change? Getting to the root of the problem is necessary in order to heal yourself naturally.

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