Can a naturopath help with the following...

by Rose

Can a naturopath help with the following...

stress incontinence

Thinking of seeing a professional for these issues.

Sue-Anne's Reply:
A Naturopath can certainly help you with these health challenges, depending on the cause of each condition and the changes you are ready to make. The first thing to look at is when these issues began and why, what was going on?

Is overweight an issue? This is something that could be at the root of all three. I work with a metabolic-energy type plan. Every-body is different and has different times of the day when their metabolism is high or low. For example, those who are slow in the morning do best with a small breakfast and medium lunch. Dinner is the main meal of the day when their metabolism is highest and they are easily able to burn off the food. The plan is catered to your specific needs. I achieve excellent results with my clients who easily lose weight, eliminate cravings and have more balanced energy all day.

Bloating can definitely be helped; again it is a matter of determining the cause, doing a complete evaluation. Checking the glandular system, the liver, the digestive system, the kidneys, your diet, your energy levels, your lifestyle, etc.

My job is to play the detective, ask as many questions as possible to determine the cause and come up with a plan you are able to implement.

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