Cannot figure out my body type

by Moj
(Toronto, Canada)

Hi Sue-Anne,

I purchased your book last week and it seems to be packed with useful information! However, to identify my body type, I took the survey and it seems like I don't really fit into any one body type....According to the questionnaire, I have a Gonad type, but reading the descriptions, I think I am a Thyroid type....

So, my question:
Should I follow both Gonad and Thyroid?
Or just stick to the questionnaire result and go with Gonad?
Or stick to the Thyroid plan which is what I feel I am?

Thanks again for your help (and you book!)!

Sue-Anne's Reply:

Hi Moj,

Sorry for the delay in response. You are only one type and need only one plan.

If you were a thyroid type you generally would have long thin bones and a tall slender body with only weight gain in a spare tire around the middle.

You would have a lot of energy in the morning and by about 9:30 or 10 PM you would be ready for bed. Many Gonad types are able to stay up much later and some even get their second wind and can stay up until 2 0r 3 AM! That would Never happen for a thyroid type.

Gonad types tend to gain weight on the lower body. the lower body is bigger than the upper body. They have the saddle bags or pear shaped body. They tend to have cellulite and usually this started from teens or 20s.

Gonad types are caregivers and they often have a hard time taking care of themselves.

Thyroid types, when unbalanced will tend to reach for stimulants and sweets to keep themselves spiked up, coffee, tea, sweets, over and over throughout the day, some also smoke.

Gonad types will have more problems relating to the reproductive system, breast or ovarian cysts or fybroids, congestion of the lymph, PMS, menopause, etc.

Thyroid types will have more problems with the nervous system and digestive system, they worry alot!

If you have hypoglycemia,ie. low blood sugar when a meal is delayed, (causing, trembling, shakiness, dizziness, headaches, brain fog, irritability) then you would need the thyroid type plan until it is balanced.

I hope this helps you figure it out, if not, feel free to call me we can easily figure it out over the phone, and please keep me posted,


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