Excessive hair loss.

by Janette
(NY. NY)

I had a tumor in one of my kidneys and was removed, before this I had a miscarriage. Then I became pregnant again and my hair loss stopped. Then after I had the baby my hair started falling out again. The baby is two years old and I'm almost bald. My hair is very thin, weak, and when I run my fingers through my hair I end up with a hand full of hair in my fingers.

I also gained 50 lbs. I checked my thyroid gland and doctors say it is working properly. I have been to acupuncturist, ayurvedic doctors and all kinds of dermatologists, general doctor, none can seem to find anything wrong. I just gave up.

Sue-Anne's Reply:

Well no Janette, you haven't given up because you are still searching for answers and trying to find the cause which is a good thing.

The first thing I would ask is, what are your thyroid levels, TSH, T3 and T4? The "normal" levels are set way too high. So if you are a little high, close to 4.5, this could be the cause. Supplements to boost your thyroid would help.

Second cause is a lack of minerals. Many people lack minerals as our soils are now depleted of nutrients and we are not eating enough vegetables especially organic vegetables. A healthy diet is essential to help heal any ailment and would of course help you lose weight.

Also, a body that is overly acidic is one that is very low in minerals as the body leeches minerals in an attempt to balance the pH. I would highly recommend a pH test to check this.

Third is a lack of protein, women need about 45 grams per day.

Forth is a lack of iron. Again, blood tests are often not a good indication of a lack of iron. My iron levels are fine on blood tests, but I take some extra iron for 3 months every year to keep my reserves and my energy up. If you get out of breath easily you may lack iron.

Lastly is of course is stress, the main reason for so many ailments. How are you handling stress in your life? Do you have many outlets to keep your stress controlled? I am sure with a toddler it is challenging but essential.

Hope this helps!

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